Moto Razr fashion ambassador Zhu Zhu officially announced! The new folding product will be released tonight

Zhu Zhu announced as Moto Razr fashion ambassador, new folding product releasing tonight

【PhoneAuto News】On June 1st, PhoneAuto Motorola official learned that actor Zhu Zhu became the moto razr fashion ambassador.

Moto razr fashion ambassador Zhu Zhu official announcement

On June 1st at 19:00, the Moto Razr small folding new product launch will be officially held. At this launch event, the Moto Razr 40 series will officially meet everyone.

From the official preheating images, the Moto Razr 40 series looks fashionable and elegant overall, and it matches very well with Zhu Zhu’s mature temperament. It exudes self-confidence and charm from head to toe, with a sense of luxury and refreshing beauty.

According to the previous preheating news, the Moto Razr 40 series will continue to use the vertical folding scheme, and Moto MYUI will also bring a new cute pet Moo to everyone.

In response, the general manager of Lenovo China’s mobile phone business unit said: “Lenovo’s third-generation foldable screen will be released soon, and we are confident in leading the industry’s progress direction. The Moto Razr is an excellent and outstanding small foldable phone, and we also believe that the new product with stunning features will gain more consumers’ recognition.”

In addition, Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said that the third-generation foldable screen phone will be released soon, and sales are expected to double compared to the previous two generations combined.

Officially, this new product launch event can be obtained through Motorola mobile phone official Weibo, Lenovo Group official Weibo, Motorola official video account, Lenovo official video account, Lenovo Group official video account, Motorola official flagship store Douyin account, moto Motorola Douyin account, Lenovo Douyin account, moto Motorola Xiaohongshu account, motorola Motorola B station, and Motorola official Kuaishou platform. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

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