Ford Motor Company is preparing to cancel its operations due to poor sales The team will be integrated back into Ford China

Ford Motor Company to cancel operations and integrate team back into Ford China due to poor sales

【PhoneAuto News】In the current fierce competition in the domestic new energy market, even Ford, whose electric car sales performance is still good in the US market, is still performing poorly in China.

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On June 8th, according to a report by Jiemian News, it was exclusively learned from multiple insiders that Ford China is currently undergoing organizational restructuring. The Ford electric vehicle team, which was originally separated into Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, will be integrated back into Ford China, and this independent electric car company will be cancelled in the future. It is reported that this organizational restructuring will involve more than 2,000 employees and is expected to be completed in July.

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It is understood that the dissolution of the company is mainly due to its sales not meeting expectations. Insiders told reporters that because the sales of Ford electric cars are too poor, this independent company cannot be self-sufficient. However, the team’s reintegration does not mean that Ford electric vehicles will withdraw from China. It will continue to be produced by Changan Ford after Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC is cancelled.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2021, the sales of Ford electric vehicles have not improved. After reaching a peak of 1,535 units sold in December last year, the sales of Ford electric vehicles have gradually declined. The latest sales data in April was only 332 units, which is less than the sales of the benchmark model Tesla Model Y, and is also far behind the SUV models of many domestic new energy brands.

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However, from a global perspective, Ford’s electric vehicle division is also in a loss-making state. In March last year, Ford spun off its automotive division and established the electric and fuel vehicle business unit Ford Model E and Ford Blue, and the commercial vehicle business unit Ford Pro, forming three new business units. The first quarter financial report this year showed that Ford’s electric car business unit had a pre-tax loss of $722 million, the only loss-making division among Ford’s three independent business units.

Ford Electric Mach-E Technology was established in 2020 with a registered capital of 665 million US dollars. Ford China and Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Co., Ltd. respectively hold 81.2% and 18.8% of the shares in the company. Currently, the company is still in operation.

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