Comparison of 22 Mobile Phone Accessories Costs Apple’s Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Costs the Most

Apple's out-of-warranty battery replacement costs more than 22 mobile phone accessories

【PhoneAuto News】After the warranty period of mobile phones expires, whether to replace the battery or not is a dilemma for some consumers. On June 20th, PhoneAuto noticed that in order to let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding, some media compared the battery replacement costs of 22 popular mobile phones.

iPhone 14 Pro

According to the “Repair, Replacement and Return Responsibility for Mobile Phone Commodities” regulations, the warranty period for mobile phones is one year, and the battery is an accessory with a warranty period of six months. Generally, the judgment standard for replacing the battery is “the battery health condition is below 80%”.

Table of battery replacement prices for 22 popular mobile phones outside the warranty period (source: Consumer Report)

From the data comparison, we can clearly see that the cost of replacing the battery outside the warranty period for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro is relatively high, which is much higher than other models, breaking through 680 yuan, which is equivalent to one-tenth of the original price of the phone. However, the prices of replacing batteries for the other 20 mobile phones outside the warranty period are not high, all between 100 yuan and 200 yuan, accounting for less than 6.8% of the original price.

Regarding the relatively high battery replacement fee, the official Apple customer service suggests purchasing the AppleCare+ service plan. According to official introduction, AppleCare+ is an value-added service plan provided by Apple, designed to provide iPhone users with additional warranty and technical support. Unlike the ordinary AppleCare plan, AppleCare+ also provides protection for accidental damage, including liquid damage and accidental screen breakage.

It should be noted that for the above-mentioned replacement parts costs, Huawei, Honor, Apple, and realme have already included labor costs. Samsung, Xiaomi, and others need to pay for labor costs separately.

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