Japanese media disassembles Xiaomi 12T Pro US companies provide 30% of the components cost

Japanese media reports that 30% of the component costs for Xiaomi 12T Pro are provided by US companies

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that Nikkei Chinese website published an article about disassembling Xiaomi 12T Pro (known as Redmi K50 Ultra/Supreme Edition in China), stating that the parts produced by American companies account for about 30% of the total parts cost of Xiaomi 12T Pro.

After disassembling Xiaomi 12T Pro, Nikkei Chinese website found that the total hardware cost of this phone is $406 when adding up the prices of all the parts. Among them, the total price of parts produced by American companies is $120, accounting for about 30% of the hardware cost of this phone. Nikkei Chinese website stated that Xiaomi 12T Pro uses many products from American companies in the field of semiconductor components, such as application processors and transceiver ICs for wireless communication, most of which are products from Qualcomm, and 5G power amplifier ICs mostly use products from Qorvo in the United States, and so on.

In addition to American companies, most of the memory used in this phone is from Samsung Electronics under South Korea’s Hynix, the flash memory is mostly from Samsung Electronics in the United States, the communication components are mostly from Japan’s Murata Manufacturing and TDK, and the gyroscope sensors are mostly products from Western companies such as STMicroelectronics in Switzerland. The semiconductor components produced in China are mainly power amplifier for 4G and ICs for fast charging.

Nikkei Chinese website stated that since 2020, the United States has started to restrict the use of American products by some Chinese companies, which has led some people to believe that China’s technology field will gradually decouple from Western countries. However, there is no evidence of this trend in the disassembled Xiaomi 12T Pro this time.

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