Geely’s subsidiary, Jidu Auto, delivered 8,687 new cars in May, a year-on-year increase of 100%

Jidu Auto, a subsidiary of Geely, delivered 8,687 new cars in May, up 100% YoY

【PhoneAuto News】On June 1st, PhoneAuto noticed that according to the latest official announcement from Geely Auto, as of May 2023, the total number of cars delivered by Geely Auto’s high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand, Geometry, was 8,687, achieving an approximately 100% growth compared to the same period in 2022. Geely Auto also stated that Geometry is a non-wholly-owned subsidiary of Geely, mainly engaged in research and development, sales of electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, and other parts under the Geometry brand, as well as providing related product services.

According to the official data released by Geometry at the beginning of last month, a total of 8,101 cars were delivered to consumers in April 2023, achieving a growth of 279% compared to April 2022, and 21.6% compared to March 2023. As of the end of April 2023, Geometry had delivered a total of 101,283 cars to consumers. In the first three months of 2023, Geometry delivered 3,116, 5,455, and 6,663 cars to consumers respectively. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Geometry claims to be the sales champion of China’s luxury pure electric brand.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in mid-May, the Geometry 001 WE version 140kWh long-range package officially started delivery. According to official information, the vehicle is equipped with CATL 3.0 Kirin battery, with a battery capacity of 140kWh, and can have a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1032km under the CLTC standard, making the Geometry 001 the world’s first mass-produced pure electric vehicle with the longest range. The long-range version of Geometry 001 is priced at RMB 403,000.

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