Tesla Model 3 is clearing inventory in the United States, with some discounts of nearly 20,000 yuan

Tesla Model 3 discounts of nearly 20,000 yuan in the US

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, in the face of economic uncertainty, increased competition, and the upcoming redesign of its main models, Tesla has doubled the discounts on some newly produced Model 3 electric cars to $2,680 USD (about 19,000 RMB), and offered discounts for US inventory of Model Y and other models to attract buyers.

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According to media reports, in California, an inventory Model 3 is priced at $42,060 USD, with a discount of $2,680 USD (about 19,000 RMB) compared to newly ordered cars, which is twice the discount of $1,300 USD two weeks ago. Tesla has also resumed discounts on some Model Y models, with each discounted by nearly $600 USD. Some higher-priced Model X and Model S models have bigger discounts, at $6,330 USD (about 45,000 RMB) and $5,000 USD (about 35,000 RMB), respectively. Analysts say that facing economic downturns, increased competition, and rising production, Tesla has significantly lowered prices in many countries this year and adopted traditional car manufacturers’ strategies to offer incentives to clear inventory.

It is reported that Tesla’s inventory clearance in the United States this time may also be to prepare for the upcoming new Model 3. Recently, Tesla CEO Musk visited China and arrived in Shanghai last night, taking a group photo with some employees of the Shanghai Super Factory. Many institutions speculate that Musk’s purpose of this trip may be to attend the offline ceremony of the new Tesla Model 3 production at the Shanghai factory.

Compared with other foreign markets, the price of Tesla Model 3 in China has always been one of the lowest in the world. Currently, the starting price of Model 3 in China is 231,900 RMB. If the new models are officially put into production in the near future, it is unknown whether the price will further decrease.

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