Lamborghini Huracan is sold out, and a new hybrid replacement model will be unveiled next year

New hybrid replacement for sold out Lamborghini Huracan to be revealed next year

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, Italian supercar brand Lamborghini officially announced that all orders for its popular model, the Huracan, have been sold out. This means that if you want to continue buying a new Huracan from the official channel, you can only hope that some pre-order customers will cancel their orders and free up some spots. This is not good news for those who wanted to buy the car but didn’t place an order.


Although the Huracan can no longer be ordered, Lamborghini still offers a new option for users who want to buy a car, which is to wait for the successor model of the car to be released. The company said that, just like Revuelto replaced Aventador before, it will also launch a successor model for the Huracan. The Huracan’s successor will also be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, and the electric motor will be placed on the front axle to achieve four-wheel drive.

Lamborghini is likely not to retain the V10 engine on the Huracan. Audi, also owned by the Volkswagen Group, has previously stated that the R8 will no longer be updated. Although it may return in the form of an electric supercar in the future, the V10 engine may be gone forever. In addition, retaining the V10 would hinder the sales of Revuelto, and Lamborghini seems to want to make Revuelto the only Lamborghini sports car equipped with a naturally aspirated engine in the future.


Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, said that we should provide new engine options for plug-in hybrid systems. However, as emission standards become increasingly strict, smaller engines will be preferred. Several media outlets have reported that Lamborghini plans to launch a new 4.0T V8 engine, which is not the same one used by Audi and Porsche. This also indirectly reflects that Lamborghini may no longer sell V10 models in the future.

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