Nubia mobile phone has added an executed information, with the target of execution being over 677 million yuan

Nubia mobile phone executed information worth over 677 million yuan

【PhoneAuto News】On June 15th, PhoneAuto noticed that Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., the affiliated company of Nubia Mobile, added a new enforcement information with the case number (2023) Yue 03 Zhi 1040, with an execution target of more than 6.77 million yuan, and the execution court is the Intermediate People’s Court of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. According to relevant information, Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with a registered capital of about 118.7 million yuan. The legal representative is Ni Fei, and ZTE Corporation holds 78.33% of the shares, making it the company’s largest shareholder.

Nubia Mobile

Nubia Technology Co., Ltd.’s business projects include: research and development, sales, maintenance, and related consulting services for communication products, mobile phones, mobile phone earphones, chargers, and other mobile phone peripheral products; research and development, sales, maintenance, and related consulting services for smart home appliances, small appliances, audio and video products, and computer peripherals; research and development, sales, and service of related electronic products and software in retail, warehousing, logistics and other businesses.

Relevant information about Nubia

Speaking of Nubia, we have to mention the company’s president, Ni Fei. In 2001, Ni Fei joined ZTE Corporation and moved to the mobile phone field in 2004. He has achieved good results in the high-end markets of Europe and the United States. The star product X760 became the key to ZTE’s breakthrough into the European market. In 2012, Ni Fei participated in the founding of the Nubia brand and served as the general manager of Nubia smartphones. In May 2019, he became the president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. In 2020, Ni Fei was transferred to the general manager of ZTE Corporation’s terminal business, responsible for ZTE’s terminal business.

It is worth mentioning that Nubia previously released the Z50 Ultra Photographer Edition, and Ni Fei also wrote a post to promote the model. In the article, he said that Nubia has been deeply cultivating mobile imaging from the SLR camera in smartphones, to star photography, and to humanistic images. Overall, Nubia should now be in an upward trend, and with ZTE Corporation behind it, it is unclear what business problem led to it being listed as the executor this time.

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