Tesla Cybertruck Real Car Grand Unveiling No handle on the passenger side, equipped with sliding sun visor

Tesla Cybertruck unveiled, no passenger side handle, sliding sun visor equipped

【PhoneAuto News】The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck may be one of the most popular cars in history. Even before its official release, it has already received over 1.5 million pre-orders. If only 10% of these pre-orders convert into confirmed orders, Tesla will still be very busy. Recently, this pickup truck made an unforgettable appearance at the Petersen Museum, where many new discoveries about the vehicle were revealed.

Tesla Cybertruck

When Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, drove the Cybertruck to the event last weekend, fans immediately made a “big surprise” for the vehicle. Many people took out their phones and took pictures of the vehicle, and some even lay on the ground to capture the undercarriage. Although the fans’ enthusiastic behavior made the Tesla staff a little embarrassed, they later discovered some new findings about the Cybertruck from the photos uploaded on online platforms.

Interior photo of Tesla Cybertruck

In the released pictures of the new vehicle, some of the discoveries are obvious. For example, the perforated seats indicate that the Cybertruck will be equipped with seat ventilation function. Another detail is the transparent roof, although people have been expecting the Cybertruck to have a panoramic glass roof. In addition, the captured interior shots reveal another detail. The vehicle’s sun visor can be moved through the guide rail on the A-pillar, allowing for more flexible adjustment of the visor position based on the angle of the sun.

Another interesting detail that people have noticed is that there is no handle on the side of the passenger seat in the vehicle, which is an essential component for pickup trucks during off-road driving. This suggests that people should not have too high expectations for the off-road capabilities of the Cybertruck, which may also be the reason why the Cybertruck was found stuck in muddy roads before.

Partial details picture of Tesla Cybertruck

The last detail is related to the workmanship of the vehicle. Some people have noticed that when the designer closes the rear door of this Cybertruck, the door gaps seem to have tolerances, with different thicknesses from top to bottom. This means that the installation of the vehicle’s doors may be misaligned, which also exposes Tesla’s potential issues in vehicle assembly.

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