Baojun Yun Duo appearance details announced, panoramic sunroof is 18 meters long, can it be purchased for 150,000 RMB?

The appearance details of Baojun Yun Duo are announced Can the panoramic sunroof, which is 18 meters long, be purchased for 150,000 RMB?

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, the official website of Baojun Motors has been heating up anticipation for their new car, Baojun Yunduo. According to PhoneAuto’s understanding, on June 29th, the official website released more details about the appearance of Yunduo. The panoramic roof of the car is a major highlight, measuring 1.8 meters long. According to previous reports, the expected price of the new car is within 150,000 yuan (approximately $23,000), and it is expected to be launched in the near future.

Baojun Yunduo

PhoneAuto has learned that the exterior design of Baojun Yunduo is inspired by “sky aesthetics” and offers three different color schemes: Cloud White, Twilight Purple, and Smoke Blue. The appearance of the new car truly lives up to its name, with a rounded and full-bodied shape resembling a walking cloud. The design of the car’s body includes 16 areas with low wind resistance, adding a touch of lightness and agility. In addition, the new car is equipped with “Skyline” daytime running lights, which are 1.7 meters long, and “Horizon” taillights that span the rear, integrating brake lights, turn signals, and position lights. It is reported that the new car will come standard with automatic LED headlights, with a low beam width greater than 45 degrees, a lighting distance exceeding 80 meters, and a high beam lighting distance exceeding 150 meters. It will also be equipped with built-in cornering lights, which automatically turn on when making turns to improve safety.

Baojun Yunduo Panoramic Roof

Baojun Yunduo also comes with a large area “Cloud Top” panoramic roof, measuring 1.8 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width, with an area exceeding 2 square meters. The official website states that the total lighting area of the entire car can reach 4 square meters. In terms of sun protection, the new car’s panoramic roof is made of gray glass interlayer material, with a UV protection rate of ≥99.9%. The electric sunshade can also be controlled by voice commands.

In other aspects, the Baojun Yun Duo adopts a five-spoke low drag wheel with a size of 215/55 R18. It is equipped with an electric tailgate, with a horizontal width of 1153 millimeters, a vertical maximum opening height of 1840 millimeters, and an opening and closing angle of 70 degrees. The electric tailgate also supports voice control and comes with anti-pinch and memory functions. In addition, the new car is equipped with multifunctional rearview mirrors, including turn signals, electric heating, electric adjustment, electric folding, blind spot reminder, 360 camera, and other multiple functions.

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