618 Must-Buy Good Products List! Many stone cleaning appliances are worth buying

The 618 shopping list includes many recommended stone cleaning appliances

【PhoneAuto News】As an annual mid-year shopping carnival, 618 is not only a good time for consumers to purchase their favorite products, but also an important moment for brands to give back to their fans. According to iSecret, the well-known cleaning appliance brand Stone Technology will offer multiple discounts to fans during 618.

First, let’s take a look at the hottest category in the home cleaning market, the floor cleaning robot. G20 is the new flagship product released by Stone Technology this year. During 618, the price is only 4,999 yuan, and the purchase opportunity comes with a large accessory package worth 299 yuan, including dust bags, side brushes, filter screens, self-cleaning brushes, etc., and supports JD White Bar 6 interest-free installment payment.

(Stone G20)

As the new flagship product of Stone Technology this year, G20’s cleaning ability should not be underestimated. It uses innovative double helix glue brushes and a maximum suction of 6,000Pa, which can easily cope with various cleaning environments. For households with small pets, its double helix glue brush design can also avoid the problem of hair entanglement.

(Double Helix Glue Brush)

Excellent cleaning ability cannot fully demonstrate its dominance. In terms of floor wiping, it also has excellent performance. G20 adopts innovative four-zone double vibration design, which can achieve up to 3,000 times/min of double vibration wiping. Through the first vibration zone to disintegrate stains, the middle zone to wipe them away, and the last vibration zone to consolidate cleaning, the outer zone finally collects and absorbs water stains to achieve cleaning. When facing carpets, it can automatically lift the mop to avoid wetting the carpet.

As for intelligence, the Stone G20 also has impressive performance. Its equipped base station can automatically wash and mop, dry, add cleaning fluid, collect dust, and replenish water, basically eliminating the trouble of cleaning the machine after use. At the same time, the Stone G20 has added automatic cleaning fluid function, intelligent ratio to avoid manual addition, and can be used for four months when the 600ml capacity is full.

In addition, thanks to Reactive AI 3.0, the obstacle avoidance ability of G20 has been improved again, and it can recognize up to 13 categories and 42 types of obstacles, so it can avoid small cats and dogs in the home in advance. In terms of map drawing, it can intelligently recognize steps, suspended positions, and automatically set “prohibited areas”. It also can automatically identify and select the most suitable travel position for obstacles such as thresholds, avoiding the problem of getting stuck and further improving cleaning efficiency.

Of course, friends who are more concerned about cost-effectiveness can also learn about the Stone P10. Its price during the 618 period was 3299 yuan, and during the event, the purchase of the machine also came with a gift package worth 229 yuan, including mops, side brushes, main brushes, and filters. It supports JD White Bar 6-phase interest-free installment payment.

Although not as versatile as the G20, the P10 also has flagship cleaning ability. The Stone P10 adopts a spiral rubber brush design, with a maximum suction power of 5500Pa, and can handle any garbage and debris with ease. Secondly, in terms of mopping the floor, the P10 uses a high-speed dual-rotation constant wet wiping floor program, with a maximum speed of 200 rotations/min for high-speed internal rotation wiping, and can be adjusted to 30 levels of water volume. Even stubborn stains can be wiped clean. At the same time, when the mop faces carpet cleaning, it can realize intelligent control lifting to prevent wetting the carpet and avoid secondary pollution of the ground.

(Stone P10)

As for the base station, it also has multiple functions, including automatic cleaning of mops, automatic dust collection, automatic water supply, automatic sterilization, automatic drying of mops, automatic drainage (optional), and easy-to-clean base station. In addition, the multi-sensor fusion obstacle avoidance technology, with the assistance of structure light ranging sensor, LDS, gyroscope, ODO, wall sensor and other fusion sensors, makes the sweeping of the robot cleaner more worry-free.

In addition to the sweeping robot, floor washing machine is also a “star” product among current cleaning appliances. During the 618 period, Stone also brought many choices for users, such as the A10 series. It is understood that during the 618 period, the A10 series is priced at 1999 yuan, while the A10 Plus is priced at 2999 yuan. Pre-ordering the machine will also give away 4 bottles of 500ml cleaning agent and a Corning 3-piece set worth 229 yuan, and guarantee 2-year warranty. The latest A10 Ultra, which has just been launched, is priced at 3399 yuan during the promotion period. Pre-ordering the machine will also receive a customized sun umbrella and an accessory package, and also support 2-year warranty.

It is worth mentioning that the recently released Stone A10 Ultra, as a brand new product of the A10 series, has received a lot of attention with its all-round performance.

Specifically, the A10 Ultra adopts a double-brush design, which not only improves the cleaning effect, but also can perform deep cleaning in some edge and dead corner areas. At the same time, thanks to the product’s maximum 17000Pa super suction power, it can also perform well when facing some stubborn stains. In terms of reducing the burden of use, Stone thoughtfully provides a two-way power-assist system, which allows users to push or pull the machine without any effort, making it very convenient.

(Stone A10 Ultra)

In addition to traditional vacuuming and floor washing, the biggest feature of the Ultra is its ability to be detached. After the main unit is detached and assembled with other accessories, it becomes a mite remover or handheld vacuum cleaner that can meet the cleaning needs of small spaces or areas such as sofas and beds.

In addition, the Ultra has self-cleaning, drying, and antibacterial abilities, making it a true “all-purpose king” for household cleaning.

In addition to cleaning the home’s floors, cleaning clothes is also a high-frequency demand in the household. Especially today, as urban living areas continue to shrink and drying areas are being swallowed up, the demand for drying is also increasing. Therefore, washing and drying machines have become products of concern for many users. For users with such shopping needs, Stone has also brought them significant discounts.

It is understood that during the 618 period, the Stone Molecular Sieve Washing and Drying Machine H1 is only 5,999 yuan, and during the promotion, Stone will give away sunscreen umbrellas, Heartstone gift boxes, and more. The entire machine enjoys a 3-year warranty, and the motor and molecular sieve module enjoy a 10-year warranty.

(Stone H1)

In addition to the discounts, the product capabilities of the H1 are also trustworthy. First, let’s look at the basic washing ability of the washing machine. The H1 uses a DD direct-drive frequency conversion motor with a maximum speed of 1400 rpm, which can decompose dirt through high-speed beating and rubbing to ensure washing results. At the same time, it also has intelligent dispensing function, which can intelligently judge the capacity of detergents and softeners. In terms of capacity, the H1 can wash up to 12KG of clothes and dry up to 7KG of clothes, which can basically meet the laundry and drying needs of a family.

Regarding drying, Stone H1 uses molecular sieve low-temperature drying technology. Compared with condensation and heat pump drying, low-temperature drying can avoid damaging the material of clothes during drying and even meet the drying needs of special materials such as silk and wool. In addition, the product is equipped with multiple sensors to monitor the drying status and automatically stop to avoid over-drying and damaging clothes.

Excellent cleaning and care capabilities, as well as innovative drying technology, have received warm market feedback. Based on the e-commerce platform, users almost unanimously praised Stone H1 as “easy to use”, “cleans clothes well”, “dries clothes well”, “clothes dried at low temperature are dry and flat”.

(Stone H1 JD evaluation)

Therefore, for users who want to buy a washing and drying machine, the superior performance and moderately-priced H1 is definitely a good choice.

Overall, for users who want to buy cleaning appliances during the 618 promotion period, it is worth paying attention to the above-mentioned products. They are powerful in both functionality and price. If you are still hesitating, hurry up and make a decision!

Stone provides users with the greatest sincerity in terms of both price and product.

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