Apple’s first AR/VR headset specifications exposed 2 4K screens, amazing peak brightness

Apple's AR/VR headset has 2 4K screens and impressive peak brightness

【PhoneAuto News】On May 31, analyst Ross Young revealed the specifications of Apple’s first headset. It will be equipped with two 1.4-inch Micro OLED (OLED on Silicon) screens, both with a resolution of 4K, and a brightness of more than 5000 nits. The screen pixel density also reaches 4000 per inch.


A brightness of 5000 nits is a relatively exaggerated value, as few mainstream headsets currently on the market can achieve this specification. The maximum brightness of the Meta Quest 2 is only 100 nits. This means that the screen of Apple’s first headset product will have higher contrast, brighter colors, and better presentation effects.

Apple headset specifications exposed

According to previous leaks, Apple’s first headset product will be named “Reality Pro” and will be equipped with up to 15 cameras and advanced eye tracking technology, providing users with a more realistic and immersive experience. It is reported that Reality Pro will begin mass production in June and large-scale production in December, with a price expected to reach $3000. If it were another manufacturer’s headset product, it might not be well-received on the market. However, this is Apple’s first headset, and even if the price exceeds $20,000, there are likely to be many willing to pay for it.

It is worth noting that as we approach June, a new AR/VR Easter egg has appeared on Apple’s latest promotional page prior to the official opening of WWDC23 on June 6. Therefore, even if Apple’s first AR/VR headset is not officially launched at WWDC23, it will still be showcased to the public.

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