Volvo/Polestar will provide an improved version of CarPlay through OTA updates for the car’s infotainment system

Volvo/Polestar to upgrade CarPlay via OTA updates for car's infotainment

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, thanks to the latest Over-The-Air (OTA) update, some of the infotainment applications of Volvo and Polestar vehicles will be improved. The software push will bring new features to Apple CarPlay and other built-in services.

New Features of Volvo Infotainment System

It is reported that both Volvo and Polestar will get an improved Apple CarPlay in this upgrade. The biggest change is that Apple Maps (and other supported navigation apps) can be projected onto the vehicle’s central screen. In addition, when using Apple CarPlay, the vehicle’s LCD instrument panel can also display more information related to the driver’s phone and media. Drivers can answer, reject, and end calls using buttons on the steering wheel, and the Apple CarPlay interactive program on the central screen will also display media information.

Alwin Bakkenes, Head of Volvo Software Engineering, said: “When our customers enter their Volvo cars, we hope this is a better experience than the day before, and our over-the-air updates are the foundation to achieve this goal. The latest update to the CarPlay feature is a good example of how we work with technology partners to continuously improve and add features, making the customer experience richer over time.”

Polestar Adds YouTube

For owners of the Polestar 2, there will be more additional features after this update. For example, a built-in YouTube app will be provided for drivers to watch while parking or charging. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, said: “We know how much our customers are looking forward to OTA updates, and I believe this upgrade will be welcomed. YouTube is great for entertainment during charging, and our updated Range Assistant app can provide more accurate predictions and support improved driving styles.”

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