Apple Watch saves another life, warning users of life-threatening blood clots

Apple Watch saves life by warning of blood clots

【PhoneAuto News】Apple Watch has been increasingly recognized by more and more people in recent years because it has helped save many lives. Recently, Apple Watch helped a woman identify a potential life-threatening health issue.

The incident happened to Kimmie Watkins, a 29-year-old from Ohio, USA. She talked about her recent ordeal and shared how Apple Watch helped save her life.

Kimmie explained that she often felt dizzy and tired during that time, but couldn’t determine the real reason. So, she decided to take a nap, thinking it was just because she didn’t eat, her body was uncomfortable. On the other hand, Apple Watch remained vigilant and drew her heartbeat during her nap. About 90 minutes later, she was awakened by an alert notifying her that her heartbeat had been too high for a long time. In other words, her body had a problem. The watch recorded a heart rate peak of up to 178 beats per minute, which is quite high for someone at rest rather than during intense exercise, and is abnormal. After the warning, Kimmie sought medical help and doctors found that she had saddle pulmonary embolism (SPE).

Simply put, this is a blood clot disease that reportedly has a 50% mortality rate. According to Dr. Richard Becker, a heart disease expert, this is “the most severe and life-threatening because it is a blood clot that connects the blood vessels between the right and left lungs.” Kimmie is currently receiving treatment and is on the road to recovery. Last October, Apple Watch also saved a 12-year-old girl from cancer; earlier this year, Apple Watch also detected internal bleeding that posed a potentially life-threatening threat to a man’s body.

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