Morning News Renderings of the OnePlus foldable screen have been exposed, and the new Aion AION V Plus is now on the market

OnePlus foldable screen leaked, Aion AION V Plus released

【PhoneAuto Morning News】In the context of the shrinking mobile phone industry, many mobile phone manufacturers are looking towards the promising foldable screen phone market. Following the previously announced Samsung Z Fold5 and the soon-to-be-released Honor Magic V2, another foldable screen phone has also appeared in people’s sight. On the evening of June 20th, GAC Aion officially launched the redesigned new car AION V Plus. The new car has a total of up to 7 versions, with prices ranging from 159,900 yuan to 232,900 yuan.

Renderings of OnePlus’ new foldable screen phone exposed, equipped with periscope telephoto lens, expected to be released in August

Recently, foreign media released renderings of OnePlus’ first foldable screen phone, which may be named “OnePlus V Fold”. From the released renderings, it can be seen that the back camera module demo of the new phone is somewhat similar to OnePlus’ flagship phone, OnePlus 11, but the position of the lens has changed from square to triangle. The new phone is equipped with a rear triple camera, and the lens on the left looks like a periscope telephoto lens. The “HASSELBLAD” logo in the middle of the lens module also indicates that the phone will also be equipped with Hasselblad imaging system.

Oneplus foldable screen new machine OnePlus V Fold (picture source visible watermark)

Starting from 159,900 yuan! The 2024 AION V Plus by GAC Aion is on the market, benchmarking the new Song PLUS

As an annual redesigned model, the appearance of the AION V Plus has not changed much. The front face still uses a closed grille and split-type headlights design, with high recognition. However, the new model has added a pulse blue color body. The size of the car body has not changed much, and the length, width and height of the new car are still 4650/1920/1720mm, with a wheelbase of 2830mm, which also has certain advantages in the same level of models.

Getting blood through financing? NIO received a strategic investment of nearly 8 billion yuan from investment institutions

On June 20th, NIO signed a share subscription agreement with Abu Dhabi investment institution CYVN Holdings. According to the agreement, CYVN Holdings will make a strategic investment of approximately $1.1 billion (RMB 7.896 billion) in NIO through directed new share issuances and old share transfers.

Indirectly reducing inventory! Tesla offers 3 years of free supercharging for Canadian car buyers

When new energy vehicles were just emerging, many new energy vehicle companies usually offered a certain duration or degree of free charging benefits to attract consumers to buy cars in order to reduce the cost of electric vehicle owners. However, with the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, few companies do this anymore. However, in order to increase sales, Tesla has recently launched a promotion in the Canadian market, where customers who purchase specific models can enjoy up to three years of free supercharging service.

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