Meizu 20 Pro starts receiving new Flyme system update with significant adjustments

Meizu 20 Pro gets Flyme update with big changes

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that the latest flagship smartphone from Meizu, the Meizu 20 Pro, has started pushing the latest version of the Flyme stable version system. Meizu 20 Pro users who have relevant requirements can pay attention to their system updates.

It is reported that the new version of the Flyme system brings a lot of updates and improvements, including adjusting the screen-off charging animation, optimizing the text color display of message notifications, optimizing the blurred background effect of message notifications, adding a music control switch display to the control center editing page, adjusting some Aicy vertical browsing and desktop widget styles, adjusting the floating ball setting options, adding the ability to open the control center with a double-click operation, supporting screen recording sharing and deleting after sharing, adding a search function to the settings, and supporting the use of search guides, user manuals, and other content. At the same time, under the new version of the Flyme system, the Meizu 20 Pro’s gaming mode can support a maximum screen touch sampling rate of 1500Hz, which can provide a better experience when running games on the phone.

In late March 2023, the Meizu 20 series was officially released. This is Meizu’s flagship smartphone released after nearly two years, and the latest smartphone product released by Meizu after being strategically invested by Star Era. The Meizu 20 series offers three models: Meizu 20, Meizu 20 Pro, and Meizu 20 Unbounded. Among them, the Meizu 20 Pro is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, equipped with a 2K resolution OLED screen, and has a more luxurious configuration. The Meizu 20 offers a rare white front panel version, and the screen size of the body is only about 6.3 inches, which is relatively small and compact.

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