Not giving face to the president? Multiple car companies including General Motors and Volkswagen oppose the new US electric vehicle bill

Car companies such as General Motors and Volkswagen oppose the new US electric vehicle bill due to the president not being given face

【PhoneAuto News】The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently discussing new emission standards for light and medium vehicles, with plans to further improve regulations and subsidy requirements for electric vehicles. However, the new electric vehicle proposal recently introduced by the EPA has sparked widespread opposition within the industry, with many automakers believing that the new regulations are too stringent and difficult to achieve.

According to foreign media reports, the Automotive Innovation Alliance, representing automakers such as General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, McLaren, Subaru, and Porsche, has lobbied the Biden administration to relax the greenhouse gas standards proposed for 2027-2032. The new standards require that by 2030, 60% of all vehicles sold in the United States must be fully electric, which is higher than the 50% goal set by the Biden administration for 2030. According to the lobbying organization, this change “represents a significant shift in the country’s electrification goals, not a small one.”

The group also said that such regulations could have a significant impact on automakers, workers, and consumers, ultimately affecting the availability of cars that meet the needs of individuals, households, and businesses. In the eyes of the lobbying group, the core of the problem is that the current goal seems difficult to achieve, as the supply chain for batteries and other electric vehicle components still seems unable to meet the requirements of the regulation.

If this proposal is ultimately passed in its current version, it will be the most radical emissions reduction plan in U.S. history. The proposal requires that by 2026, the average emissions of vehicles are expected to be reduced by 56%, and annual pollution is expected to be reduced by 13%. This proposal will bring significant emissions reduction pressure to car companies in the U.S. market. The public comment period for this bill will continue until July 5th of this year, which is why many automakers have chosen to jointly petition for the relaxation of restrictions.

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