DJI releases the new generation flagship action camera, Osmo Action 4, with excellent image quality

DJI releases Osmo Action 4, a flagship action camera with excellent image quality

【Phoneauto News】On the evening of August 2nd, DJI officially released the new generation flagship action camera Osmo Action 4. It has comprehensively upgraded in terms of picture color, product stability, and shooting playability, providing users with a smoother shooting experience in diverse sports scenes and professional creations.

Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager of DJI, said, “Osmo Action 4 continues the reliable and user-friendly features of the previous generation products, and has an upgraded imaging system in all aspects. At the same time, it has established a more comprehensive accessory ecosystem. It is a new generation flagship-quality action camera that is outstanding in terms of product features and user experience. As sports become an increasingly mainstream lifestyle, DJI looks forward to more users using action cameras to record their unique highlights.”

Osmo Action 4 emphasizes flagship image quality, equipped with a powerful 1/1.3-inch image sensor, with an equivalent pixel size of 2.4μm and f/2.8 aperture. Users can shoot 4K/120fps, 155-degree ultra-wide-angle videos, and easily handle high contrast and low-light shooting. The 10-bit & D-Log M professional color mode can record over 1 billion colors and a wider dynamic range. In high dynamic recording or multi-color scenes, the color transition of the picture is still smooth and natural, while retaining more details in the bright and dark areas, opening up more possibilities for post-production.

Image stabilization is a major quality of action cameras. Osmo Action 4 has multiple modes of stabilization function, among which the HorizonSteady function can effectively compensate for camera shake in all directions, and can also horizontally correct the tilt angle. Even in intense bumps or shooting scenes that may produce 360° rotation, the picture can always be kept level. The powerful RockSteady 3.0 intelligent stabilization algorithm not only keeps the camera stable but also provides a sense of motion impact in the first-person perspective, giving users a surreal visual experience.

Osmo Action 4 has a sturdy body and is further waterproofed to a depth of 18 meters for better underwater shooting. With the waterproof case, it can achieve a waterproof protection of up to 60 meters. Osmo Action 4 uses high-strength glass and a hydrophobic lens to ensure clear visibility of underwater images. In addition, Osmo Action 4 is equipped with a color temperature sensor, which can present true and natural underwater colors without the need for complex post-color correction. With the underwater color restoration function of the DJI Mimo App, Osmo Action 4 can present more details and transparent colors in indoor environments with complex lighting conditions or different depths of diving scenes.

In terms of battery life, Osmo Action 4 has a battery capacity of 1770mAh. In normal temperature conditions, it can record up to 160 minutes of ultra-long battery life when recording 1080p/24fps videos. Even in low temperature environments of -20℃, it can record up to 150 minutes, satisfying the shooting experience of users in the majority of sports scenarios. In addition, Osmo Action 4 supports fast charging technology. With the DJI 30W charger, it can reach 80% battery level in just 18 minutes, allowing the creative passion to keep going.

Osmo Action 4 still adopts a magnetic quick-release design, which is strong and secure against impacts, allowing for flexible switching between multiple perspectives and accessories. Combined with the vertical and horizontal shooting protective frame, users can easily switch to vertical shooting mode and capture lossless vertical videos. At the same time, both the front and rear screens of the camera support touch operation. Parameter adjustments, mode switching, and playback can all be done without flipping the camera. The interactive interface of the front and rear screens will also switch according to the camera’s horizontal and vertical modes. In addition, both the front and rear screens and the glass lens protective cover are resistant to water stains, dirt, and scratches, effectively protecting the lens.

In the later stages of creation, users can use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect the Osmo Action 4 official editing software DJI Mimo and the smooth film app that focuses on theme templates. In the DJI Mimo app, you can quickly preview and automatically edit without exporting materials. In addition, images taken in various sports scenes can be edited using the DJI Mimo app to eliminate the selfie stick. The smooth film app can intelligently recognize various scene themes and select exciting clips to generate 4K HD films with one click. At the same time, the app provides a rich selection of theme templates covering themes and scenes such as cycling, diving, surfing, skiing, camping, and travel, making it easy to create films with one click. For professional shooting needs, Osmo Action 4 has built-in timecode, which can quickly synchronize multi-angle materials during post-processing to help users efficiently complete their work.

The sound performance of the camera is of great importance for outdoor scenes. Osmo Action 4 provides users with high-quality sound. During shooting, the array microphone can achieve excellent sound pickup effects. The camera has a hidden microphone at the bottom, and with AI intelligent wind noise reduction, even shooting in strong wind environments can still maintain clear audio. In addition, it supports the DJI Mic, a wireless dual-channel audio system with a transmission distance of up to 250 meters.

Osmo Action 4 has comprehensively upgraded its range of accessories, providing a series of practical and easy-to-use accessories to help users meet the shooting needs of various sports scenes and capture the best moments. In cycling scenes, users can comfortably wear the cycling chest strap to create a more immersive first-person perspective. In skiing scenes, the Osmo Action 1.5m extension pole kit is compact and easy to hold, and can be freely extended from 0.3m to 1.5m for selfies or multi-angle tracking shots. In addition, there are GPS Bluetooth remote controllers, 360° wrist straps, floating handles, car seat mounts, mini extension poles, mini handlebar clamps, etc., to meet the shooting needs of different users in different sports scenes, greatly satisfying the user’s creative experience.

Osmo Action 4 comes in two versions: Standard Kit and Combo Kit. Both kits come with accessories such as a horizontal and vertical frame, locking screw, quick release adapter, and fast charging cable, in addition to the action camera itself, enhancing the creative experience. The Combo Kit also includes a multi-functional battery case, multiple cold-resistant long-lasting batteries, and a 1.5-meter extension rod, allowing users to choose according to their needs.

The official price for the Osmo Action 4 Standard Kit is 2598 yuan, while the Combo Kit is priced at 3298 yuan. Starting today, both the Standard Kit and the Combo Kit of the Osmo Action 4 are officially available for purchase in mainland China. They can be purchased from DJI’s official online store,, Tmall, Suning Easy Buy, as well as flagship stores and authorized offline experience stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Hangzhou.

In addition, the protection plan DJI Care for Osmo Action 4 is now available, offering comprehensive accidental protection solutions. Users can easily replace their device by paying a certain replacement fee, without worrying about damage caused by natural wear and tear, impact, or water exposure. They can also enjoy exclusive services such as global warranty and free two-way shipping.

Currently, DJI Care for Osmo Action 4 offers the 1-year plan for 149 yuan, providing 2 low-cost replacements within 1 year. The 2-year plan is priced at 229 yuan, offering 4 low-cost replacements within 2 years.

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