Shenzhen will strongly support Huawei’s HarmonyOS! Will HarmonyOS products sell well in the future?

Shenzhen supports HarmonyOS and expects good sales

【Phoneauto News】Huawei’s Hongmeng OS, as the only domestically developed mobile operating system with over a hundred million users, should be encouraged and supported.

On August 2nd, a digital blogger claimed that as early as March this year, there were rumors that Shenzhen would heavily support Hongmeng and strengthen the construction of its ecological materials. Now that the details have been confirmed, it is almost certain that the Huawei logo will be seen everywhere in the streets of Shenzhen.

Not long ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau released a notice on its official website regarding the issuance of the “Shenzhen City Action Plan for Promoting Open Source Hongmeng and Euler Industrial Innovation Development (2023-2025)”. The plan proposes to promote the development of open source Hongmeng and Euler industries, and make Shenzhen a leading hub for Hongmeng and Euler industries in terms of core technology, industrial concentration, diverse application scenarios, complete ecosystem support, and global influence. At the same time, Hongmeng products (such as mobile phones, computers, cars, etc.) will be included in the city’s consumer promotion policies.

By 2025, Shenzhen’s operating system technology capabilities will be significantly enhanced, key bottleneck technologies will be eliminated, and Hongmeng and Euler will be promoted to be on par with the world’s leading operating systems. Shenzhen will have over a thousand Hongmeng and Euler industry entities, and the scale of devices in use nationwide will reach one billion. In addition, a number of characteristic Hongmeng and Euler industrial parks will be established, and efforts will be made to promote cooperation and expand overseas markets for Hongmeng and Euler.

Prior to this, market research firm Counterpoint stated that Hongmeng OS has captured 8% of the market share in China, but only 2% globally. However, with the policy support from Shenzhen, the influence of Hongmeng OS is continuously expanding, and it is expected to enter more countries and markets, firmly securing its position as the world’s third-largest mobile operating system.

It is understood that from August 4th to 6th, the Huawei Developer Conference will be held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong. At that time, the latest HarmonyOS 4.0 will be officially unveiled.

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