Xiaomi may announce a new self-developed chip tomorrow The Redmi K60 Ultra is expected to be the first device to feature this chip

Xiaomi may announce a new self-developed chip tomorrow, which is expected to be featured in the Redmi K60 Ultra

【Phoneauto News】For domestic smartphone manufacturers, developing their own chips is a difficult but necessary path. Whether it’s Huawei’s Kirin, OPPO’s Mariana, or vivo’s V series chips, they are the results of smartphone manufacturers’ self-developed chips. Among the many smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi has also introduced the powerful series of self-developed chips, and there are reports that Xiaomi will announce the latest self-developed chip at tomorrow’s press conference.

Redmi press conference poster

Recently, a Twitter user @That_Kartikey released a poster, which is from Redmi and reads “Post-performance era strategic release conference”. The user revealed that Xiaomi will bring its latest self-developed chip at this press conference tomorrow. In addition, the informant also revealed that with the launch of Redmi K60 Ultra and Xiaomi 13T Pro, this latest chip will make its first appearance in the market. It was previously reported that Redmi K60 Ultra will debut in China and will be released globally under the name “Xiaomi 13T Pro”.

Blogger’s revelation

New phone Geekbench score exposure

There are reports that Redmi K60 Ultra will be officially released in China this month. Previously, the Geekbench 6.1.0 score of this phone has been exposed online. The image shows that the model number is 23078PND5G, with a single-core score of 1289 and a multi-core score of 3921. It is said that Redmi K60 Ultra is equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ processor instead of Qualcomm’s mobile platform.

Xiaomi P1 chip

Previously, Xiaomi has introduced several self-developed chips, including the Surge S1, Surge C1, Surge P1, Surge G1, etc., which involve various aspects such as charging and imaging. Currently, it is unclear what the main function of the new chip to be released this time is, but as the launch event approaches, the relevant mysteries will be revealed accordingly.

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