Gree responds to the disbanding of its core mobile phone team mobile phone development is still in progress

Gree's core mobile phone team has been disbanded, but mobile phone development continues

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, there were reports that Gree Electric has disbanded its core mobile phone team. In response, Gree Electric stated that the development of Gree phones is still ongoing.

According to PhoneAuto, a former employee who left last year revealed that the Gree mobile phone business was originally established in Zhuhai, and the core team was moved to Shenzhen around 2019. The Shenzhen team includes development, testing, and administrative personnel, with nearly 100 people at its peak. However, since last year, the Shenzhen team has gradually disbanded, with more than 40 people remaining by mid-2022, and “the Shenzhen team has completely disbanded, and they probably won’t make phones anymore,” the source said.

Gree – Dong Mingzhu

In response to such rumors, Gree officials stated that the development of Gree phones is still ongoing, and the TOSOT G7 is Gree’s sixth-generation phone, which is combined with Gree’s smart home products. Customers are welcome to visit “Gree Dong Mingzhu Stores” for purchases and experiences. Previously, there were frequent market rumors about Gree withdrawing from the mobile phone market, which Dong Mingzhu has repeatedly denied. In an interview program, she also said that the success or failure of a business requires time to settle, just like air conditioners, and the mobile phone business is no exception.

It is reported that the Gree mobile phone project was exposed in 2015, and then successively released the first-generation Gree phone, Gree phone 2, Gree ColorOS phone, Gree phone 3, Da Song G5, and Da Song G7 phones. Among them, Da Song G5 is Gree’s first 5G phone, with a 6.81-inch hole-punch screen, a resolution of 1080×2400, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, supporting NSA/SA dual-mode 5G, and a maximum support of 128GB SD card storage expansion, with a built-in 5000mAh large battery.

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