Huawei MatePad offers intelligent assistance for learning and light office work, while the HarmonyOS team experience doubles

Huawei MatePad offers learning and office assistance, and HarmonyOS team experience doubles

【PhoneAuto News】With the arrival of 618, “buy, buy, buy” has become the keyword for most people in the coming period. Some people will purchase furniture and appliances, while others will buy mobile phones and computers. Some people will choose tablets to meet their learning and office needs, and by purchasing these products, they can make their lives and work easier and more efficient. Today we recommend the Huawei MatePad series of tablets for everyone. We believe that relying on the Hongmeng ecosystem and smart office solutions, the Huawei MatePad series of tablets will enable everyone to experience new breakthroughs in various scenarios such as workplace office, professional creation, paperless learning, and audio-visual entertainment.

At the Huawei Summer Full-Scenario New Product Launch Conference, the Huawei MatePad Air made its debut for the first time, equipped with HarmonyOS 3.1 and a brand-new PC application engine, bringing new possibilities for lightweight office work. Through the PC application engine, we can not only use the original PC-level WPS on the Huawei MatePad Air, but also use the PC-level CAJViewer. When dealing with some academic work, we will be more proficient. If you are a heavy user of WPS and CAJViewer, then the Huawei MatePad Air is definitely worth a try. Considering work and learning scenarios such as meeting records, review annotations, and painting creation, the Huawei MatePad Air has been upgraded with a brand-new Huawei Notes, updated self-developed brushes, and clearer and smoother ink writing. The pen pressure adjustment of the fountain pen has been added, which can be freely adjusted to write your favorite fountain pen nib. In addition to further refining the brush writing experience, Huawei Notes also first introduces real-time recording and transcription function. It provides a one-stop experience for “listening, attending, minutes, and sorting” with customizable, efficient, and quick note sorting methods, helping users quickly identify and find key points in their notes.

Of course, the screen of Huawei MatePad Air is also very top-notch, with a 3:2 productivity screen, 2.8K ultra-clear resolution, 144H high refresh rate and adaptive refresh rate, plus HDR Vivid certification, making users comfortable to watch, with a wider field of view, whether browsing files or video conferencing, all have a better experience.

The 11-inch Huawei MatePad 2023 model provides the best solution for users’ paperless learning. Take the Softlight version as an example, with a 120Hz paper-like Softlight screen, thanks to the nanometer etching process, it brings a comfortable anti-glare experience, making reading more enjoyable. Paired with the second-generation HUAWEI M-Pencil smart pen, the friction and “rustling” sound of screen writing feels like writing on paper. In addition, with the help of HarmonyOS 3.1, PC-level WPS, Huawei Notes, multi-screen collaboration, super transfer station and other functions, it covers scenarios such as in-class learning, self-study and exam preparation, club data sharing, video and audio entertainment, making learning more efficient. At the same time, the Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 model will also upgrade to support PC-level CAJViewer, allowing annotation documents to be browsed on a tablet, bringing a more professional and efficient learning experience.

The Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch has flagship-level professional office capabilities, with a 120Hz OLED original color full screen, 1.07 billion colors and P3 wide color gamut, Delta<1 high color accuracy, and 600 nits maximum brightness, giving it a better screen experience, whether for regular office needs or professional office needs. Equipped with HarmonyOS 3, it brings card stack and card combination functions, and also supports PC-level WPS, remote PC, multi-device communication and sharing functions, enabling it to better cooperate with us to complete professional office work. The six-layer three-dimensional heat dissipation structure and 8300mAh super-capacity battery provide strong support for the tablet’s professional office productivity in terms of battery life.

Huawei 618, enjoy a smart summer. The new Huawei MatePad Air is now available for a limited time discount of 100 yuan, starting at 2799 yuan. The 2023 version of Huawei MatePad 11-inch can be ordered with a maximum discount of 300 yuan. The standard version starts at 1999 yuan, and the soft light version is very suitable for friends who often take notes or have handwriting and drawing requirements, with a starting price of 2599 yuan. Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch is positioned as a flagship professional office tablet, with strong and lasting productivity. Friends who have high-performance and endurance requirements can choose this one, and enjoy a maximum discount of 500 yuan when ordering, with a starting price of 2999 yuan.

In addition, Huawei MatePad SE, Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 notebook, Huawei MateBook E Go 2-in-1 notebook, Huawei MatePad Paper and other products are the stars of this Huawei 618. With excellent hardware configuration and the help of HarmonyOS, they can meet the work, study, and life needs of various groups of people and enjoy colorful life. For example, Huawei MatePad SE, which is positioned as an entry-level model, can meet the needs of video and audio entertainment, learning, and education. It is very suitable as a smart tablet for the whole family to share. You can enjoy a maximum discount of 300 yuan when ordering, and the current price is 999 yuan. Huawei MatePad Paper is very suitable for friends who like to read books on ink screens. It is a combination of reading and writing, and has more functions than Kindle. You can enjoy a maximum discount of 300 yuan when ordering, and the current price is 2699 yuan.

Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 notebook and Huawei MateBook E Go 2-in-1 notebook are notebook computers with tablet form factors, with keyboard and handwriting dual interaction, and a dual-ecosystem experience on one screen, unlocking more new office postures. Huawei MateBook E can enjoy a maximum discount of 100 yuan when ordering, and Huawei MateBook E Go can be purchased with a maximum discount of 500 yuan.

During the Huawei tablet 618 event, you can enjoy a maximum discount of 700 yuan, and choose your favorite for work, creation, and learning. With so many categories, there is always one that suits you. If you have a Huawei product in your hand now, you must experience the charm of “HarmonyOS teaming up”. Don’t miss this 618 event!

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