Mayday concert is boosting mobile phone rental Fans say Spending this money is not worry-free

Mayday concert boosts mobile phone rental, but fans express concern over spending

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, the Mayday concert has been very popular and many people want to record their good memories. However, professional cameras are not allowed to be brought into the venue, and smartphones that specialize in photography are expensive. Under the high consumer demand of fans, the business of renting smartphones continues to rise.


PhoneAuto learned that in recent years, the mobile phone rental market for concerts has gradually developed into three types of rental providers: personal rental, second-hand merchants rental, and platform rental. The market price ranges from 100-200 yuan, but the required deposit of 4,000-10,000 yuan almost covers the price of buying a phone, and personal identification is also required. In addition, some consumers have complained that once the phone is damaged, the rental provider and the lessee will be trapped in a long dispute due to the vague loss assessment standards. The risk of carrying the deposit and personal information leakage, which should have been a cost-saving and better viewing experience for renting, may not be worry-free in reality.

Screenshot of a shopping platform

Some fans have said that they didn’t pay attention to the rented phone when they received it, and only found out at the venue that there was a white line on the pictures taken by the lens, which made it impossible to take normal photos. There was also a scratch on the screen, and when they reported it to the rental provider, the provider wanted to deduct 2,000 yuan from the deposit. There are many disputes caused by equipment damage on social platforms.

Among them, some merchants have proposed to compensate based on the return visit repair price, and directly deduct the cost from the deposit. Some merchants have also formulated compensation standards separately. For example, a merchant with a rental price of 150 yuan per day and a deposit of 7,000 yuan has set multiple standards, such as a compensation of 10% of the deposit for external screen breakage, 10% for sound-related faults, and 20% for camera-related faults.

Some rental phone information.

Interestingly, fans who did not purchase tickets are still fighting against scalpers, while those who have obtained tickets are constantly optimizing their viewing experience.

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