Does haste makes waste? BMW XM crashed while creating the fastest SUV record on Pikes Peak

BMW XM crashed while attempting to set the fastest SUV record on Pikes Peak

【PhoneAuto News】As a globally renowned off-road racing event, the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb attracts many automakers and drivers each year to showcase the capabilities of their vehicles and the skills of their drivers. However, in the recently held 101st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, BMW, which aimed to break the production SUV record with its BMW XM, failed to seize this opportunity due to an accident that occurred during the race.

BMW XM Label Red Edition

Prior to this race, BMW broke the production SUV record with its high-performance XM Label Red Edition, which was also the first SUV model belonging to the M series launched by the Munich-based automaker since the M1 in 1981. Unfortunately, the challenge was forced to end due to an accident, but fortunately, driver Matt Mullins was not injured.

Currently, the on-site video of the accident has not been released, and it is unclear whether BMW has installed recording devices in the vehicle. BMW’s official Ye Haibing has not officially announced the details of the accident, but we may be able to obtain some information from the company’s email to the media: “Unfortunately, we hoped that the BMW XM could set a record today, but it ended with a racing accident. Driver Matt Mullins was very disappointed but not injured. The focus now is to prepare the vehicle again and plan to attempt to break the record again later this summer.”

The BMW XM after the accident

As BMW failed in this challenge, the Lamborghini Urus Performante remains the champion of the event. Last year, this 666 horsepower Lamborghini completed the total length of 12.42 miles (20 km) of the event in just 10 minutes and 32.064 seconds. It was upgraded with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires and relied entirely on its turbocharged engine to cope with the highest altitude of 4,302 meters.

Lamborghini Urus Performante

If the BMW XM had not encountered an accident, it could have broken the record of the Lamborghini Urus, as the car uses a hybrid mode and is additionally equipped with an electric motor, which allows the BMW XM Label Red to have a total output power of 738 horsepower. The addition of the electric motor can provide better assistance in high-altitude road conditions. However, currently, the record still belongs to the Lamborghini Urus.

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