The Honor Magic V2 series officially debuts With a thickness of only 99mm, does it really surpass Huawei?

The Honor Magic V2 series has officially debuted, with a thickness of only 99mm Does it really surpass Huawei?

【Phoneauto News】Previously, the thinnest foldable screen phone in people’s impression was the “big brother” Huawei Mate X3, but now it has been surpassed by the Honor Magic V2 series.

Honor Magic V2 series

On the evening of July 12th, the Honor Magic V2 series was officially released. The thickness in the closed state is only 9.9mm, and it is as light as 231g. It has become the thinnest foldable flagship in the world, with a weight comparable to that of a regular flat-screen flagship, officially entering the millimeter era of foldable screen phones.

Honor Magic V2 series

In addition to being thin and light, the Honor Magic V2 series also brings seven major advancements: it is the world’s first to adopt a titanium alloy hinge, both screens support zero-risk dimming eye protection, equipped with Qinghai Lake batteries, the second generation Snapdragon 8 leading edition and self-developed RF enhancement chips, and supports folding flagship features such as intelligent private calls and parallel space.

Honor Magic V2 shouts out the slogan “from progress to evolution”, which is not easy to achieve in just six words. It not only breaks the boundaries in technological innovation but also breaks free from the framework in terms of thinking mode. While other manufacturers are stuck in the inherent standards of foldable devices, Honor combines foldable and flat-screen into one device, bringing a completely new solution. This rapid evolution in thinking allows Honor to take the first step confidently and challenge industry benchmarks and the strongest competitor, Apple.

Honor Magic V2 series

“With the launch of Honor Magic V2, from a research and development perspective, we can say that we have applied all the technological accumulations we have made in the past two and a half years to this foldable screen phone. As you can see, we have used the new Qinghai Lake battery technology, new hinges, and even made breakthroughs in materials and processes. In preparing for this generation of foldable screens, we can say that we started to accumulate technology shortly after coming out in 2021,” said Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., in an interview after the press conference.

The logic of Honor’s research and development is to develop a generation of products and conduct technological research and development from N+1 to N+2. That is, this year’s development and research products may have been technologically reserved one or two years ago, which is why we can bring the groundbreaking product, Honor Magic V2, today.

Honor Magic V2 series

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If the Honor Magic 5 series was the realization of magic, allowing the industry and the public to see the magic of the Magic series for the first time, then Honor Magic V2 shows the best interpretation of Honor’s “magic” in the Magic series so far.

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