Beats Studio Pro Embrace more people with a brand new internal design

The new internal design of Beats Studio Pro welcomes more people

Among the many products of Beats, the over-ear headphones Beats Studio series can be said to have attracted a lot of attention. As early as 2008, when the first Beats Studio was unveiled, this headphone quickly gained popularity with its avant-garde design. With the support of celebrities and athletes at home and abroad, more and more people have started to consider Beats headphones as essential items for the trendy fashion crowd.

Beats Studio Pro

The over-ear Beats Studio can be regarded as a classic, and the integration of “classic” with many new technologies has become the development direction of the new generation Beats Studio. In July 2023, Beats officially brought this redesigned Beats Studio Pro in front of us. It still adopts the classic design, but the internals have been comprehensively improved, just to bring better sound quality to everyone.

The Beats Studio series is the iconic product of Beats, and in the process of iteration, it is necessary to ensure that the original design concept remains consistent, emphasizing “continuity” in appearance design.

Beats Studio Pro

At first glance, the appearance of Beats Studio Pro is not much different from the previous generation, but we can still see some changes in some details. First, the headband and the “beats” and “studio” logos on both sides have been completely removed. Second, the inside of the headband is engraved with the words “Designed in LA,” and the color scheme of the headphones adopts a more neutral style, making the overall look more minimalist and more understated compared to the previous Beats Studio.

“Designed in LA” engraved on the inside

For over-ear headphones, the design of the ear cushions is crucial. Beats Studio Pro uses ear cups made of soft memory foam and integrated leather material, which can completely wrap the ears, and the soft material also minimizes the burden on the ears during long listening sessions.

Another factor that affects long-term listening is “weight”. Wearing heavy over-ear headphones for a long time can be a burden on the neck. The overall weight of Beats Studio Pro is only 260g, which is comparable to the mainstream over-ear headphones on the market, so the burden on the neck is not too heavy when worn for a long time.

The overall weight of Beats Studio Pro is 260g

As for the left and right sides of the headphones, there are 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port. When it is not convenient to use the Bluetooth mode on game consoles or musical instruments, you can still use the active noise cancellation and transparency mode by connecting the headphones with the input cable of 3.5mm headphone jack. The USB-C port on the right side is not just for “charging”. When using a USB-C data cable to listen to music, you can use the DAC inside the headphones to play lossless music. Beats Studio Pro supports playing 24bit/48kHz lossless audio, so you can directly play lossless music from major streaming platforms through a wired connection.

The left and right sides of Beats Studio Pro are 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port respectively

Compared with in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones have obvious advantages in battery life. When the noise cancellation and transparency mode are turned off, Beats Studio Pro has a total battery life of up to 40 hours, and when the noise cancellation or transparency mode is turned on, it still has a battery life of up to 24 hours, which is enough for daily commuting or even long-distance travel. Moreover, we can also check the remaining battery life of the headphones through the LED light on the side of the headphones.

Considering portability, Beats Studio Pro also continues the previous folding design, and the official has also redesigned the storage bag. It can protect the headphones, and the inner pocket can be used to store USB-C data cables, 3.5mm connection cables, and other accessories.

“Good sound quality” starts with good hardware. This time, Beats Studio Pro uses completely customized 40mm dynamic drivers with a dual-layer diaphragm design. The driver unit adopts an optimized airflow and distortion reduction design, ensuring that Beats Studio Pro has good sound quality at the hardware level.

Beats Studio Pro

In terms of actual listening experience, the sound of Beats Studio Pro has been continuously optimized and iterated. It has shifted from a muddy bass-heavy sound to a more balanced style that is more suitable for listening to pop music. Taking Eminem’s song “Without Me” as an example, Beats Studio Pro accurately reproduces the background drum beats and has a certain level of elasticity, without feeling loose. In addition, the vocals are clear and upfront. However, in Hins Cheung’s song “Xi Tie Jie,” Beats Studio Pro’s reproduction of the female vocals is slightly restrained, and there is still room for improvement in terms of brightness.

Overall, the sound quality of Beats Studio Pro is enough to change your stereotypical impressions of Beats headphones, such as excessive bass and muddy sound. It is not just targeted at the European and American pop music user group, but a more universal product. No matter what type of music you usually listen to, it can provide you with a more balanced sound performance.

Beats Studio Pro supports noise cancellation mode and transparency mode

While iterating on the hardware, Beats Studio Pro has also kept up with the times in terms of software. As a headphone product within the Apple ecosystem, Beats Studio Pro has all the features of the AirPods family, such as noise cancellation mode and transparency mode. Compared to the previous Beats Studio3, Beats Studio Pro has better active noise cancellation performance. It uses the same noise cancellation logic as AirPods Pro, where external microphones measure environmental noise and create custom anti-noise waves to eliminate noise. In combination with internal feedback microphones, it can also eliminate noise caused by poor fit or sound leakage from the ear cups.

These past few days I received the Beats Studio Pro just in time for a business trip on an airplane, and I also tested its noise cancellation performance on the plane. With the noise cancellation mode turned on, I only needed to turn the volume to 50% to hear the music clearly. In my personal opinion, its noise cancellation effect has reached the same level as the AirPods Pro.

Of course, evaluating sound quality performance is not limited to just the listening experience of music. In terms of call sound quality, thanks to the new beamforming microphone and machine learning algorithms integrated into the Beats Studio Pro, the headphones are able to accurately capture voice content, allowing the other party to hear clear calls during phone conversations.

After being acquired by Apple, Beats has released multiple headphone products that have good compatibility with the Apple ecosystem. This time, in addition to features such as pairing pop-ups, support for “Hey Siri,” and find my device, the Beats Studio Pro also supports the “Spatial Audio” feature. Simply follow the corresponding steps in the settings to scan your ears and create a unique spatial audio personal profile, allowing for a more personalized audio experience. In addition, the Beats Studio Pro also provides the “Dynamic Head Tracking” feature, which can achieve dynamic head tracking within the Apple ecosystem using the internal IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to accurately locate the direction of the sound source when the head rotates.

Beats Studio Pro supports head tracking

It can be said that Beats Studio Pro has all the common features of AirPods, and what’s worth noting is that all of this is not due to Apple’s self-developed chips, but rather based on the second-generation proprietary platform of Beats. Choosing this solution also means that Beats is actively embracing a wider range of Android users. The Beats Studio Pro is not only a new choice for Apple users, but it also allows fashion-conscious Android ecosystem users to enjoy the new experience brought by Beats.

In the Android platform this time, Beats Studio Pro natively supports Google Fast Pair, audio switching, and device finding. After downloading the Beats app, you can also locate Beats headphones, wirelessly update, listen to mode, and battery endurance widgets. In short, the popular mainstream features within the Apple ecosystem are also brought to the Android ecosystem by Beats.

As we can see, in the eyes of Beats, Beats Studio Pro is not just a substitute for “AirPods”, but a pair of over-ear headphones targeted at a wider user base. While improving the hardware strength, Beats also adds spatial audio, efficient pairing, seamless audio switching, and device finding functions at the software level through its own Beats proprietary platform, making headphones a key part of the “ecosystem” and enhancing the competitiveness of the product.

Under the halo of various celebrities, the Beats Studio series of over-ear headphones have always been labeled as “trendy” and “fashionable”. However, while becoming a “fashion accessory”, Beats also tells us with the latest Studio Pro that it is also a very competitive noise-canceling over-ear headphone.

Beats Studio Pro

Currently, major brands are creating their own “ecosystems”, and the versatility of Beats Studio Pro allows it to easily integrate into various ecosystems. This is a product with its own characteristics and a headphone targeting a broad market.

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