Organization The penetration rate of OLED panels in the smartphone market will exceed 50%

The OLED panel penetration rate in the smartphone market will surpass 50%

【Phoneauto News】On July 18th, according to the latest OLED technology and market development analysis report from TrendForce, the proportion of OLED in the mobile phone market is expected to exceed 50% in 2023 due to continuous cost reduction, while the penetration rate of OLED in other applications such as TV, laptops, and tablets is less than 3%.

TrendForce stated that the eLEAP technology led by JDI is the first to use maskless technology to achieve low power consumption, high brightness, and extended core lifespan. The eLEAP technology promotes the development of panels towards higher generations, and with large-scale production of higher generations, the production efficiency will also increase. Visionox also exhibited the ViP technology without the need for FMM at SID 2023, which effectively increases OLED brightness and lifespan.

TrendForce stated that Visionox’s ViP technology can improve the color mixing yield problem caused by long-term FMM evaporation, solve the loss caused by leakage current, and break the limitation of pixel spacing by FMM, further expanding the range of applications and benefiting the subsequent layout of higher generations.

It is worth noting that BOE, JDI, and HKC in the strategic alliance of new technologies in the planning of the panel industry, as well as Visionox’s active involvement in OLED-related technologies and markets, make the layout of the panel manufacturers in higher generations not only a response to Apple’s demand in the medium-sized application, but also open up new opportunities for OLED panels to expand into other application markets. This organization predicts that after 2025, with the completion of new production capacity in higher generations entering mass production, continuous development and integration of new technologies, and improvement of material lifespan, all of these will contribute to the increase in OLED market penetration rate.

Currently, China’s AMOLED production capacity accounts for about 43.7% of the global total, still slightly lower than the proportion of production capacity of Korean panel factories, and there are still 4 to 5 Chinese panel factories sharing the production capacity.

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