This can be translated to Let light and shadow come to life as vivo S17 Shanhaiqing integrates the flowing mountains and seas into the phone

Translation 'vivo S17 Shanhaiqing integrates mountains and seas into the phone, bringing light and shadow to life'

【PhoneAuto News】On May 26th, the vivo S17 series in the “Shan Hai Qing” color scheme was officially announced. From vast oceans to dense jungles, each scene exudes the unique Eastern aesthetic charm and modern trend of the “Shan Hai Qing” color scheme. Whether basking in the sunlight by the seaside or in the dim light of the jungle, the vivo S17 series in the “Shan Hai Qing” color scheme presents a dynamic sense of beauty that is three-dimensional, flowing, and layered with light and shadow.

In order to incorporate this vibrant “Shan Hai” flow into the design of the phone, the vivo S17 series pioneered the use of particle ink technology on the back panel of the phone, scattering 15 million magnetic particles, which “line up from dots, turn into lines, and become paintings”. The fluid visual effect is like flowing sand, mountains, and waves on the sea, with a hint of natural Eastern beauty. In the process of pursuing natural growth, it has formed its own rhythm and light and shadow, becoming a three-dimensional, flowing, dynamic “Shan Hai”.

In terms of overall design, the vivo S17 series interprets the lightweight and exquisite design expression of the S series in every aspect. The entire series features a 3D micro-curve design, with smooth and beautiful curves that seamlessly connect the screen, middle frame, and back panel of the phone. The overall transition is natural, bringing a comfortable grip.

In addition, the new water mirror cloud window has a new generation of intelligent soft light rings and a flash embellishment, like a bright round moon reflected on a calm lake, agile and elegant. In the interplay of light and shadow, it brings more transparent texture to the new water mirror cloud window. At the same time as the upgrade of the soft light ring, there is also a separate flash next to the lens. The combination of intelligent soft light ring and flash will provide sufficient and ideal light source for night portrait photography of the vivo S17 series.

Currently, many highlights of the upcoming vivo S17 series have been released, including its appearance, portrait photography, and screen. It is not only a smartphone with good-looking appearance, but also with strong performance. In addition to its soft light portrait and fashionable color, the vivo S17 series also has excellent performance, which is yet to be announced.

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