ZTE Terminal Product Center’s Luo Wei AI Naked-eye 3D Will Provide Immersive and Open Interactive Experience

ZTE Terminal Product Center's Luo Wei AI Naked-eye 3D offers immersive and interactive experience

On June 28, 2023, the Shanghai World Mobile Congress was officially held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year marks the tenth anniversary of MWC Shanghai, with the theme “Time Waits for No One.” Major manufacturers also showcased solutions and applications in the fields of 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, and the Internet of Things at this conference.

In this era of rapid technological development, ZTE Communications is driving the revolution in the field of human-computer interaction with relentless innovation and technological breakthroughs. At this year’s conference, ZTE, from the perspective of users, interprets the innovative value brought by ZTE Communications in seven scenarios, comprehensively demonstrating “the expansion of technological boundaries, the integration of core capabilities, and the overall autonomy of intelligence,” working together with industry ecosystem partners to promote the growth of smart digitization.

Mr. Luo Wei, Director of ZTE Communications Terminal Product Center

Taking the opportunity of MWC Shanghai, ZTE Communications has also brought the world’s first AI naked-eye 3D tablet – nubia Pad 3D – to the domestic market. This device shone at the Barcelona World Mobile Congress earlier this year, winning seven “Best of MWC2023” awards from international media. We also had the privilege of inviting Mr. Luo Wei, Director of ZTE Communications Terminal Product Center, for an in-depth discussion on this innovative product.

As a tablet computer equipped with AI naked-eye 3D display technology, nubia Pad 3D has attracted widespread attention and anticipation. In terms of technology, the naked-eye 3D screen based on light field technology, AI eye tracking, AI content 2D-3D conversion, and other features adopted by nubia Pad 3D are at the world’s advanced level. In terms of content, ZTE has also collaborated with other industries to create a rich naked-eye 3D experience.

When you pick up the nubia Pad 3D to browse content, you will feel that all the content is “floating” above the screen, and the clarity is no different from browsing regular content. Thanks to the naked-eye 3D feature, you can experience this tablet without wearing 3D glasses, which greatly reduces the threshold for its use.

It is understood that the nubia Pad 3D has chosen the light field technology based on DLB nano materials. Mr. Luo Wei explained to us that the screen surface of the nubia Pad 3D has a layer of nano film, which is used for the backlight of 3D display. The design and manufacturing accuracy of the film is very high. The high-precision nano film can provide an 8-view field angle light field, making the 3D display effect more delicate and realistic, and also making the viewing distance of 3D more flexible.

In fact, 3D technology relies on the visual disparity of the human eyes. Some devices on the market that are focused on 3D display have strict requirements for viewing angles and distances. However, the experience of nubia Pad 3D is much freer compared to them. We don’t need to worry about the position of our eyes or the viewing distance. We can directly pick up the tablet and start browsing. This technology relies on eye tracking technology. The device will adjust the light field in real time through AI, so that the picture always maintains a good display effect.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the integration of AI, nubia Pad 3D also has a few more intelligent attributes. According to Mr. Luo Wei, nubia Pad 3D supports more automated naked-eye 3D content generation and more intelligent naked-eye 3D interactive experience, covering a wider range of naked-eye 3D application areas. Especially the 2D to 3D technology, users can directly convert massive 2D images and videos into 3D, no longer facing the problem of lack of 3D content, solving the biggest pain point in the past.

Compared to traditional 2D content, 3D content can provide a more immersive interactive experience and has more diverse application scenarios. In an interview, Luo Wei, ZTE’s representative, expressed that ZTE hopes to bring users more enjoyment and immersive interactive experiences with the nubia Pad 3D compared to ordinary tablets. With comprehensive AI-driven 3D capabilities, the nubia Pad 3D can easily achieve a large number of full-scene 3D applications, allowing users to enjoy multidimensional visual experiences including 3D videos, 3D live streaming, 3D AI creation, and more.

Of course, the richness of 3D content and applications is also a concern for users. ZTE has launched the “ZTE AI Naked Eye 3D Eco-Strategic Cooperation” to establish an ecological alliance for naked eye 3D, deepening comprehensive cooperation in content ecology and industry ecology. It is understood that ZTE is actively collaborating with ecological partners to promote the implementation of solutions in various industries, which can be applied to the nubia Pad 3D. Currently, ZTE’s cooperation with partners has covered various aspects, such as naked eye 3D live streaming, naked eye 3D commercial video conferencing, naked eye 3D medical applications, naked eye 3D visual education, and more. In the future, with the implementation of more industry solutions, the nubia Pad 3D will meet the needs of more industry users.

From the current situation, AI naked eye 3D has greatly expanded the interaction between people and the digital field, providing a more immersive and open interactive experience. However, due to the high development costs involved in both hardware and software for naked eye 3D technology, as well as the independent system and additional resource investment required for 3D application adaptation, the price threshold for naked eye 3D is still relatively high. Regarding this, Luo Wei believes that in addition to brand premiums, Chinese technology products should encourage technology premiums. However, in terms of terminal prices, the nubia Pad 3D is generally much cheaper than 3D displays from Sony, Looking Glass, and others, while also offering more powerful performance.

“Because innovation can bring benefits to brands and provide higher premium space for value, it encourages Chinese technology companies to invest more energy and resources in technological innovation. We also believe that the current experience of the nubia Pad 3D can fully meet everyone’s expectations,” summarized Luo Wei at the end.

As the latest naked-eye 3D tablet computer launched by ZTE Communications, the nubia Pad 3D demonstrates strong competitiveness and innovation in technology, content, and application fields. With the continuous development and application promotion of naked-eye 3D technology, we can expect to see more innovative products and application scenarios based on this technology in the future.

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