Apple supplier is badly trapped in India, and the factory has become the target of lawbreakers’ attacks

Apple supplier factory in India is being targeted by lawbreakers

【PhoneAuto News】Currently, mainland China is one of the main production bases for Apple’s products. The vast majority of Apple’s phones, tablets, computers, and other products are made in mainland China. However, Apple is currently trying to change this situation. It is reported that Apple and its partners are increasingly transferring production capacity to India. Earlier, it was reported that the iPhone 15 series, which is expected to be released in the second half of this year, will be supplied by local mobile phone factories in India for the first batch of shipments. However, it is currently limited to the standard version of the iPhone 15, while higher-end models such as the Plus, Pro, and Pro Max will still be produced by Chinese factories.

Recently, according to the Indian media “India Business Online”, one of Apple’s major suppliers, Wistron, has decided to completely withdraw from its business in India. It is reported that regarding the matter of withdrawing from India, Wistron stated that the current business environment in India is not suitable for the company’s normal operation. The company has been operating in India for 15 years, but due to frequent worker strikes, problems with wage payment systems, and medical accidents, its operations and market maintenance in India are unsustainable. According to the documents submitted by the company, Wistron will completely dissolve its business in India by 2024. In addition, Wistron also pointed out that the local public security situation is poor, and the factory has become the target of criminals, so the company was eventually forced to withdraw from the Indian market. The violent incidents caused a loss of 7.12 million US dollars (approximately 47 million yuan).

Earlier, it was reported that the Indian Tata Group will acquire Wistron’s local mobile phone factories in India for 50 billion Indian rupees. At the same time, the two sides may also form a joint venture to continue relevant businesses.

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