Avita received an order for 2,366 vehicles in May, and will provide Huawei’s Hongmeng car system in the third quarter

Avita got an order for 2,366 cars in May and will supply Huawei's Hongmeng car system in Q3

【PhoneAuto News】On June 2nd, according to PhoneAuto, Avta officially released its May market data – Avta 11 received 2,366 large orders in May. According to previous reports, Avta will provide the Huawei HarmonyOS for this car in the third quarter, which is undoubtedly good news for Avta 11 owners.

Avta 11

PhoneAuto also learned from the official that the intelligent driving function of Avta 11 has accumulated 2,943,214 kilometers, with a month-on-month growth of over 100%; the APA intelligent parking assistance has been called more than 675,041 times, with a month-on-month growth of over 80%.

Avta 11 May market data

Intelligence has always been a major selling point of Avta 11. According to the plan, in the second half of this year, Avta 11 will be fully upgraded to Huawei’s high-end intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, and is expected to be launched in 45 cities without maps in the fourth quarter of this year. In addition, it is expected that Avta will provide the Huawei HarmonyOS car system in the third quarter of this year. At the end of March this year, the official announced the first large-scale software OTA upgrade for all Avta 11 users, unlocking 17 functions including RPA remote parking, and carrying out multiple user experience optimizations. Recently, Avta 11 has once again launched the second large-scale OTA upgrade, which includes 24 new functions and 30 experience optimizations.

PhoneAuto has reported that as of February 5, 2023, Avta 11 deliveries have exceeded 2,000 units. According to the official plan, Avta will also release a new mid-to-large-sized sedan E12 this year, aiming to achieve an annual goal of 100,000 orders. On March 24th, the single-motor version of Avta 11 was officially launched, with a retail price of 319,900 yuan for the long-range version and 349,900 yuan for the ultra-long-range version, both equipped with Huawei’s full-stack intelligent automotive solution.

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