200 million pixel main camera + endorsement by Yang Yang! This wave of Honor 90 is hard to not look forward to

Exciting Honor 90 with 200M pixel camera and Yang Yang endorsement

【PhoneAuto News】Currently, the Honor 90 series will be officially released at 2:30 pm on May 19th. So far, the official has released the appearance of the phone. PhoneAuto noticed that the white design of the Honor 90 series is quite unique. It not only continues many design features of the Honor 80 series but also has many design breakthroughs and innovations exclusive to itself, attracting the attention of many consumers.

On May 18th, PhoneAuto noticed that the Honor official has once again launched the latest preheating. According to the introduction, the Honor 90 series will cooperate with the well-known actor Yang Yang, who will serve as the global spokesperson for the Honor 90 series! At the same time, it is worth noting that according to the official, there is at least one camera in the rear camera of the Honor 90 Pro that supports shooting photos with 200 million pixels! From this point of view, the image ability of this generation of Honor 90 series should be greatly improved.

In the previous generation of the Honor 80 series, the Pro model adopted a super powerful main camera with 160 million pixels. It is reported that its main camera uses a super large bottom sensor of 1/1.56 inches, supports 16 in 1, the maximum aperture is F/1.8, and supports hardware-level Super HDR technology. At the same time, the other two secondary cameras of the Honor 80 Pro are a portrait lens and a wide-angle macro lens, both of which also support shooting photos with 50 million pixels. Although they are secondary cameras, they also have flagship-level strength. From this point of view, the image of the Honor 90 series is worth looking forward to.

So far, we are about ten days away from the release of the Honor 90 series. Therefore, in addition to 200 million pixels, the official has not yet released more configuration information. Interested netizens can pay attention to the official news of Honor.

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