OPPO, Honor and Motorola release new phones together It’s very exciting on the eve of 618 (a major shopping festival in China)

OPPO, Honor, and Motorola release new phones on the eve of 618 shopping festival

【PhoneAuto News】Although the 618 promotion has not officially arrived yet, mobile phone manufacturers seem to be a little impatient. On May 17th, PhoneAuto noticed that manufacturers such as OPPO, Honor, and Motorola almost simultaneously announced that new phones will be coming soon, including heavyweight products. Interested netizens can come and check them out.

Currently, OPPO has announced that the model to be released is the Reno 10 series, and the time is 14:30 on May 24th. Currently, the appearance of this series of models has also been officially released. It can be seen that the design of this generation of Reno series is quite good, especially the new “Brilliant Gold” color, which is quite luxurious. According to official sources, this is a milestone in the tenth generation of the OPPO Reno series and is worth paying attention to.

At the same time, according to information on the OPPO official website, OPPO will also have a K11x, which will be available for pre-order at 8 pm on May 23rd, the day before the Reno 10 series launch. The positioning of the K series is lower than that of the Reno series, and this phone should be more suitable for consumers with limited budgets.

According to official information, Honor’s 90 series will be officially released at 14:30 on May 29th. Currently, the official renderings of this series of models have also been released. It is worth noting that the design of the Honor 90 series has many similar elements to the previous models, indicating that they are “cut from the same cloth”. Among them, the white color of the 90 series should be the main color, which is quite dreamy and gorgeous. However, the official name of this color has not been announced yet.

The new Motorola phone will be officially released on June 1st. From the official information, this should be a small foldable screen phone. Previously, Motorola’s razr 2022 refreshed the price lower limit of small foldable screen phones and was very competitive in the market. Therefore, we may also look forward to the price of this new Motorola phone.

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