Starting from 2899 yuan! Huawei MatePad Air is released, which can run the PC version of WPS

Huawei MatePad Air released, starting at 2899 yuan, runs PC version of WPS

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of May 18th at 7:30 pm, Huawei officially held its summer full-scenario new product launch event. At this event, Huawei brought a new member to the MatePad series, the Huawei MatePad Air, a lightweight flagship tablet designed exclusively for the younger generation. The new tablet is available in 5 versions with a starting price of 2,899 yuan and will officially go on sale at midnight on May 25th.

From an external perspective, the Huawei MatePad Air continues the design language of the HUAWEI MatePad family with a clever fusion of symmetrical beauty, orderliness, and modern technology. The new tablet adopts the flagship industry’s first glass fiber optical coating transfer film frosting process design and adds nano-silver paste to bring a warm and agile body texture that won’t leave fingerprints. It comes in five colors: feather sand purple, star river blue, cloud brocade white, wilderness green, and obsidian black. The tablet’s rear camera module uses the universe star ring family design logo, and the decorative texture creates a unique star ring visual effect under the flow of light.

On the front, the Huawei MatePad Air features an 11.5-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio full-screen display with a high screen-to-body ratio of 87%, 2.8K resolution, 291 PPI, 1500:1 high contrast ratio, and P3 wide color gamut. This tablet is also Huawei’s first to support a maximum 144Hz screen refresh rate with Super Motion supporting 30Hz~144Hz adaptive refresh rate switching. The tablet is also the world’s first to pass HDR Vivid professional certification, which enhances the brightness and details of the entire picture, especially in darker scenes, making the picture’s dark details more vivid while presenting more colors for an even better visual experience. The tablet has also passed the German Rhein low blue light and no flicker dual certification, making it more eye-friendly to use.

As a tablet aimed at young people, the Huawei MatePad Air is more inclined towards productivity in learning and research. Through Huawei’s PC application engine technology, the MatePad Air achieves a native PC application experience. On this tablet, you can experience the feel of using WPS on a PC, whether it’s more complex document editing or generating charts, the experience is better than using WPS on a regular mobile device.

The Huawei MatePad Air is also the world’s first tablet to come with professional study and research reading software. The tablet is equipped with a PC-level CAJ Viewer browser which can not only read CAJ papers and literature downloaded from CNKI, but also allows you to jump directly to CAJ Viewer by clicking on a CAJ file on the file management card. In addition, when used with a stylus, it also supports functions such as highlighting, underlining, mark pen, eraser, etc. which are the same as the PC experience, greatly facilitating the learning and research work of students. In addition, it also supports features such as dual note-taking, speech-to-text conversion, and convenient file management, making learning more convenient.

As for the system, the Huawei MatePad Air comes with the latest HarmonyOS 3.1 system. The new system can turn the tablet into a super terminal, achieving collaborative interconnection with other devices and effectively improving work efficiency. It also comes with new and upgraded features such as intelligent multi-window, a further enhanced parallel horizon, a super transfer station supporting cross-application storage and retrieval, and multi-device mobile communication sharing.

In other aspects, the Huawei MatePad Air is equipped with a large 8300mAh battery that supports up to 40W Huawei SuperCharge. It also uses a combination of triple antenna technology, which performs better in terms of signal. The tablet is also equipped with four customized full-frequency speakers and Huawei Histen 8.0 audio, which provides excellent sound performance.

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