Second-hand becomes an official supplier of the Chengdu World University Games, climbing to the top of global events

Second-hand is now an official supplier for the Chengdu World University Games, elevating its status among global events

【PhoneAuto News】On the morning of May 18th, the 31st World University Summer Games (also known as Chengdu Universiade) officially signed a contract with Zhuanzhuan Group, announcing Zhuanzhuan Group as the official supplier of second-hand cycling services for Chengdu Universiade. After signing the contract, Zhuanzhuan will provide free second-hand mobile phone lending services to participating athletes during the Chengdu Universiade, and provide platform support for the recycling of surplus materials after the games. It is worth mentioning that with the cooperation between the two parties, Chengdu Universiade has become the world’s first international comprehensive event to introduce second-hand cycling services.

Miao Yuyuan, a member of the Propaganda Department (Opening and Closing Ceremony Department) of the Universiade Executive Committee and full-time deputy minister, stated that Chengdu Universiade is the first large-scale international comprehensive sports event held on the Chinese mainland after the 20th century, and it is also the first comprehensive international sports event held in western China. This cooperation with Zhuanzhuan marks the first introduction of official second-hand cycling suppliers for an international comprehensive event, demonstrating the “green, low-carbon, technological, and intelligent” characteristics of the Chengdu Universiade.

Huang Wei, CEO of Zhuanzhuan Group, stated, “As a circular economy company, Zhuanzhuan cannot miss this green event. Both parties can work together to create a green dream and make the games more economical, greener, and sustainable.” Huang Wei introduced that Zhuanzhuan is the first company in China to provide inspection services for second-hand goods and to support a 7-day no-reason return and exchange policy for second-hand goods. Zhuanzhuan believes that only by continuously improving the quality of second-hand goods and making the service for second-hand goods “like new products,” can more people trust and participate in the circular economy. Zhuanzhuan will continue to create a green, low-carbon, and sustainable supply model, create a “Universiade standard” for second-hand cycling services, and provide high-quality, stable, safe, and reliable second-hand cycling products and event-level service support for Chengdu Universiade.

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