Android 14 split-screen mode will have a major update, Xiaomi says This is just me playing around

Xiaomi says Android 14 split-screen mode will have a major update

【PhoneAuto News】In terms of functionality, the customized systems of domestic smartphone manufacturers have long surpassed the experience of the native Android system. If you pay attention to the functional updates of various Android systems, you will find that the functions that have already appeared in customized Android systems often come late in the native Android system. According to PhoneAuto, Android 14 may add a convenient feature to the split-screen mode. However, this “major update” seems familiar…have we seen it somewhere before, do you remember?

Phone split-screen function

According to foreign media reports, Android 14 Beta 2 arrived a few days ago, and it seems that Google is preparing a “cool” new feature for the split-screen mode. Sources have found that this new feature allows users to save “application pairs” for easy split-screen viewing.

Specifically, in the new native Android system, users can launch two applications side by side, and the operating system will create an “application pair” internally, so that you can restart the same group of applications from the background tasks. It is reported that in Android 14, Google may allow users to directly add shortcuts for “application pairs” on the home screen. This means that even if there are no split applications in the background tasks of your phone, you do not need to perform additional steps to re-split the screen. It is expected that this feature will be very useful for people who frequently start the same split-screen multitasking application.

Xiaomi split-screen function

In fact, Samsung and Microsoft have already provided this function in their respective Android systems, and domestic smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi have also added this function in their customized Android systems. Foreign media said that this new feature is a good complement to Google’s Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, because large-screen devices seem to be their perfect fit. For example, the Samsung Z Fold4 has deeply explored the split-screen function, and its main screen can support up to 3 split-screen apps and support freely changing the position or size of the window as needed.

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