Huawei’s Smart Home 40 Space Ignition Edition has been released! Easily access everything

Huawei released Smart Home 40 Space Ignition Edition for easy access to everything

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of May 18th, Huawei’s full-house intelligent 4.0 space explosion version was officially released at the Huawei Summer Full-scenario Conference. The official said that Huawei’s full-house intelligent interaction is the qualitative change point of human perception space intelligence evolution, and it can easily reach everything through the iconic device intelligent central control screen. Huawei’s exploration of home living space has never stopped, from connection, interaction to ecology, linkage to achieve the space evolution from unchanging to changing in an instant.

Huawei Full-house Intelligent 4.0

This time, Huawei’s full-house intelligent 4.0 brings the central control screen S2, which is the industry’s first space-crossing screen. It adopts a star-ring design, which can be worn on the wall, on the desk, or handheld, with a more physical form; equipped with a 10.4-inch full-screen, open vision and convenient operation. At the same time, the intelligent voice 2.0 is upgraded to support continuous conversation. Huawei’s full-house intelligent also brings a new friend for space interaction – intelligent MINI, which is free of wiring, low power consumption, flexible positioning, one-touch scene import, and one-touch scene switching.

At the same time, Huawei’s full-house intelligent 4.0 supports layered and hierarchical management, crossing space interaction distance; automatically recognizes the “current space” and intelligently switches the crossing; creates exclusive scenes at will, and crosses the user’s intentions; matches with intelligent voice interaction, enriches the space cross-interaction methods. Huawei’s full-house intelligent 4.0 also supports super-fast control, rich system scenes, flexible and free combinations; adds home appliance and furniture subsystems, one drag and one drop, fine control; and upgrades to full-duplex intelligent voice, continuous conversation is more natural, smooth interaction understands intentions.

In addition, Huawei has released the full-house intelligent 4.0, which has 5800+ SKUs from 2300+ HarmonyOS Connect partners, forming an increasingly rich Hongmeng ecosystem.

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