The Huawei MatePad Air tablet, a lightweight productivity tool for the young office group, has been newly released!

Huawei MatePad Air tablet released for young office group

【PhoneAuto News】Since the first generation of products came out in 2010, Huawei tablets have been in the market for more than ten years. On May 18, 2023, the Huawei tablet family welcomed a new member – Huawei MatePad Air. Unlike the previous Huawei tablets, Huawei MatePad Air adopts the concept of lightweight productivity and is mainly aimed at the young professional group. With the launch of Huawei MatePad Air, the layout of Huawei tablet products has been further improved, and its leading position in the domestic tablet market has been consolidated.

In terms of aesthetic design, Huawei MatePad Air has many innovative features. This product adopts the industry’s first fiberglass optical transfer film gel process design. The rear camera module uses the design language of the universe star ring, which is similar to many of Huawei’s previous products, and the family style is very strong. In addition, Huawei MatePad Air also offers five different colors for consumers to choose from: feather sand purple, galaxy blue, cloud brocade white, wild green, and obsidian black.

As a tablet product aimed at young professionals, the screen of Huawei MatePad Air is the most noteworthy. According to official information, Huawei MatePad Air is the world’s first tablet to have passed the HDR Vivid professional certification. Its screen resolution is 2.8K, and the refresh rate can reach up to 144Hz, and supports 30Hz-144Hz adaptive refresh rate. These features make the screen of Huawei MatePad Air clear, smooth, and power-saving, with true colors and a very comfortable viewing experience. In addition, with the four speakers that have been professionally tuned, the audio and video experience of this tablet is at a cinema level.

Huawei MatePad Air has increased the frame rate of “Genshin Impact” from 60fps to 90fps for the first time, greatly improving the smoothness of the picture; it is also the first to support the original painting quality of “Diablo” and supports two configurations of 720p @90Hz and 1080p @60Hz; at the same time, it adapts to “Peace Elite” with a 144Hz ultimate frame rate, bringing users a more immersive and smooth gaming experience; it also supports the native 120Hz ultra-clear picture quality of “King of Glory”, and there is also a 144Hz super frame rate for players to experience.

It is worth noting that the screen ratio of Huawei MatePad Air is 3:2, which is different from most tablets that use other ratio screens. In the office scene where the tablet is placed horizontally, the 3:2 screen can provide users with more operational space. When browsing web or document information, the 3:2 screen can also display more text information at the same time, making it convenient for users to browse. It can be said that this ratio of screen is the most suitable for office or creative use on a tablet. From this, we can see that this Huawei tablet fully considers the office and production needs of users in its design and has targeted design. Of course, this product is designed for more than just the young professional group.

In order to achieve a PC-level office experience, Huawei has cooperated deeply with WPS to bring PC-level WPS to Huawei tablets. At the same time, the detachable magnetic keyboard of Huawei MatePad Air can be combined with the tablet to show a similar form of a notebook, making the tablet more in line with the daily use needs of office workers. In addition, the second generation of Huawei M-Pencil intelligent stylus adds to this combination, giving Huawei MatePad Air some unique functions that PCs do not have, such as cross-application color selection, cross-device color selection, and one-click clipping. This combination includes hardware and software. If the keyboard and WPS are to make the Huawei MatePad Air experience comparable to a PC, then the second generation of Huawei M-Pencil intelligent stylus endows it with the ability and experience beyond PCs.

The Huawei Notes app has also improved on the Huawei MatePad Air, upgrading the self-developed brush for smoother and clearer writing without jagged edges. Unlike other domestic tablet manufacturers, Huawei tablets use HarmonyOS. Based on this system, Huawei MatePad Air supports Super Terminal. This function closely links different devices such as mobile phones and PCs together, allowing users to control other devices on the tablet or transfer images or documents from the tablet to other devices and vice versa. This powerful multi-device collaborative interconnection function can greatly enrich the product’s usability. In the office scene, it can also save a lot of file transfer time. In daily use, it can also make various devices efficient and provide a complete Huawei ecosystem experience.

From the 3:2 screen design, PC-level WPS, and detachable magnetic keyboard, we can see that the Huawei MatePad Air has a strong target audience. It is not only highly attractive to young professionals, but also brings a new concept of lightweight productivity tablets. It also helps Huawei complete its smart office productivity layout for tablets. Based on the advantages of lightweight and easy-to-carry tablets, as well as the powerful system experience of HarmonyOS, the Huawei MatePad Air can already handle most work tasks in lightweight office scenarios, and even outperform laptops. In usage scenarios such as business trips and remote work, it can highlight its position as a lightweight flagship product.

On the MatePad Air, Huawei’s design control for tablet products is becoming more and more proficient. They not only strive to push a product to the extreme, but also design targeted products based on consumers’ actual needs, which can more accurately solve consumers’ pain points. In addition, HarmonyOS gives Huawei’s tablets features that many competitors do not have. This is not only the moat of Huawei’s tablets, but also its ace in the hole.

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