Redmi Note 12T Pro is here! Lu Weibing praises it as a top-notch LCD smartphone

Lu Weibing praises Redmi Note 10T Pro as a top-notch LCD smartphone

【PhoneAuto News】On May 29th, Redmi announced the new Redmi Note 12T Pro, featuring a stronger performance with an LCD screen. The phone uses the flagship chip MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra to challenge the performance limit of the same level. Equipped with a high refresh rate LCD screen, it challenges the strongest eye-protection screen and will be available for pre-sale tomorrow (May 30th) at 10 am.

Redmi Note 12T Pro debut

Why does Redmi insist on making top-level LCD phones? Lu Weibing, Xiaomi Group’s partner, president, international department president, and Redmi brand general manager, said: Because our users need it.

Lu Weibing said that there are many LCD phones on the market, but there are not many high-quality ones that have been worked on. LCD phones with flagship-level experience are becoming more and more rare. “We deeply understand everyone’s call and even more about their expectations. What everyone wants is not only an LCD phone, but a flagship LCD phone with top-level performance and all-around experience.”

Redmi Note 12T Pro official announcement

The all-new Note 12T Pro is based on the previous generation A+ level screen and is upgraded with the MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra flagship performance chip that has been deeply tuned. Lu Weibing boldly predicted that such a top-level LCD phone may be difficult to find this year.

Lu Weibing Weibo screenshot

On the basis of the Note 11T series, the Note 12T Pro brings two upgrades and a surprise:

The first upgrade is the full upgrade of the top-level LCD screen. Currently, the Note 11T Pro+ is still the only LCD phone that has obtained the DisplayMate A+ screen certification. The Note 12T Pro has been upgraded to a high-refresh-rate and more eye-protective LCD flagship straight screen: 144Hz, 7-gear variable-speed high-refresh-rate, which is the highest refresh rate ceiling for LCD screens this year. It also achieves industry-rare LCD true-color screen, calibrated piece by piece before leaving the factory, to accurately present colors. At the same time, it has also upgraded to ten-fold eye protection in all scenarios, truly taking care of your eyes all day long.

Lv Weibing said, in order to achieve this series of upgrades, we have customized a professional LCD screen production line at a high cost. We can confidently say that this is the top-level LCD eye protection screen in 2023, worthy of the title “Light of the Year LCD Screen”.

The second major upgrade is the flagship chip. The Note 12T Pro is equipped with the brand-new Dimensity 8200-Ultra flagship chip, which not only upgrades to TSMC’s 4nm process and a flagship 3.1GHz main frequency but also breaks through 900,000 points in benchmark tests, refreshing the performance limit of the same level. We also did deeper joint calibration with MediaTek, and with the help of Xiaomi’s self-developed dynamic performance scheduling technology, the calibration goes deep into the chip’s underlying layers, significantly improving the performance release under heavy gaming scenarios, and the power consumption performance is comparable to that of top-level flagship platforms, making mainstream games easily achieve close to full-frame.

Lv Weibing talks about Redmi Note 12T Pro

There is not just two major upgrades, but also a surprise. Note 12T Pro specially prepared a large memory and storage combination of 12GB+512GB, which is extremely rare for LCD smartphones of the same level.

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