Performance and appearance, I want them all! OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact custom version is only 3699 yuan

OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact custom version for only 3699 yuan, with both performance and appearance

【PhoneAuto Market】In the current mobile phone market, major manufacturers are particularly “homogeneous.” The newly released mobile phones are excellent in terms of performance, appearance, and cost-effectiveness. However, there is such a mobile phone that still stands out in such a “homogeneous” market, which is the OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact Customized Edition.

OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact Customized Edition

This phone is OnePlus’s first leather material phone, which is resistant to dirt and durable, and has a natural skin-friendly feel. At the same time, the “double-wing diamond line design” is separately designed, adding two seams on the back panel on both sides, and pressing a special texture on the edge. The grip experience is better. The OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact customized gift box adopts the design concept of “food box” and also incorporates the “food” element of fragrant water chestnut. The gift box uses four processes, and the large area of red is matched with hot stamping technology and matte contrast effect.

OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact Customized Edition

In terms of performance and gaming performance, the OnePlus Ace 2 Lava Red uses the full-blooded Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, with a 1.15 million AnTuTu score once again refreshing the same platform’s running score record; the memory specification is upgraded to 18GB of super-large memory, with exclusive self-developed “memory gene recombination technology” Achieve true preservation of more than 50 commonly used applications, the application startup speed is improved by 6% compared to 16GB, and the frame dropping frequency is reduced by 10% under the load scenario; it has obtained 48 months of smooth A-level certification from NanDe and SGS human-computer interaction fluency A+ certification. Equipped with many self-developed black technologies such as Super Frame and Super Painting Engine, Game Cloud Computing Private Network, and Lingxi Touch Technology, it comprehensively popularizes the flagship gaming experience.

OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact Custom Edition

It is worth mentioning that the OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Impact custom gift box also provides a wealth of collectible custom peripherals: Guoba needle, Xiangling scroll poster, Xiangling sticker, linkage display card and explanatory booklet, which have both practical value and collection value.

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