Stellantis Citroën develops electric vehicles for people with disabilities in cooperation with PIMAS

Stellantis Citroën collaborates with PIMAS to create electric vehicles for individuals with disabilities

【PhoneAuto News】Stellantis brand Citroen showcased a compact electric vehicle designed specifically for people with disabilities at the Versailles Exhibition Center this month. The exhibition began on June 6, 2023 and ended on June 8, 2023.

Citroen partnered with PIMAS to develop a compact electric vehicle for people with disabilities. PIMAS is an expert in modifying vehicles for people with mobility issues.

“Since December 2003, PIMAS has been certified to ISO 9001 for the installation and modification of disabled vehicles. This standard demonstrates the quality of service and products we have provided to our customers over the years,” said the European mobile group when mentioning PIMAS.

The electric vehicle prototype from Citroen is part of the company’s “Ami for All” concept. This compact electric vehicle is designed for people who can no longer use at least one lower limb, especially those who use wheelchairs. With the help of PIMAS, Citroen has developed this prototype of a compact electric vehicle that meets the needs of people with disabilities.

This electric vehicle has been optimized in many details. For example, the angle at which the car doors open is wider, making it easier for the owner to transfer from the wheelchair to the driver’s seat. This electric vehicle also has mechanical and manual controls for acceleration and braking, and there is a knob on the steering wheel for easy operation. Citroen also considered the space for storing the driver’s wheelchair inside and outside the car.

“Ami for All completely aligns with Ami’s philosophy: to provide practical solutions for everyone’s transportation needs. Ami reintroduces the convenience of mobile travel and provides more independence for teenagers, the elderly, and those without a driver’s license. We are pleased to launch this technology solution that supports disabled people’s mobility, and we are working hard to make this project a reality in the short term,” said Thierry Koskas, CEO of Citroen.

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