The fastest electric supercar appeared on the Nurburgring track, Tesla Model S’s new record may not be guaranteed

Tesla Model S's new record on Nurburgring may not be guaranteed as the fastest electric supercar appeared on the track

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, it was reported by foreign media that Rimac Nevera, which is known as the fastest supercar in the world, was found on the famous Nürburgring track. Although the driver of the car did not push the vehicle to its limit, many fans hoped that the car could once again create a new historical record on the track.

Rimac Nevera

Some media claimed that Rimac may be collecting data for its developing autonomous driving system to adapt to this globally renowned track. Once successfully adapted, it can provide corresponding services for non-racing drivers who want to experience high-speed driving on the Nürburgring track. However, some people also said that Rimac is currently preparing and familiarizing itself with the track for the upcoming attempt to break records. In April of this year, Rimac Nevera created 23 new records in acceleration and braking, and the company said it has set its sights on more fields and hopes to create more records this year.

Rimac Nevera unveiled at Nürburgring

However, compared to straight-line acceleration, track lap times are a very different challenge, usually not suitable for heavy electric vehicles. However, despite Rimac Nevera weighing 5070 pounds (about 2.3 tons), Rimac is still working to ensure that Nevera has a stable handling experience on the track. Not long ago, Tesla set a new record for the single lap time of a production electric car on the Nürburgring track (Nordschleife) with a time of 07:25.231 by equipping the Model S Plaid with a track package. The production car record on the Nordschleife was set by the Mercedes-AMG One in November last year, and the car successfully increased the lap time record previously refreshed by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS by nearly 8 seconds, with a total time of 6:35.183.

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