Haval did it! Takes the top spot for non-domestic car sales in Russia for May

Haval tops non-domestic car sales in Russia for May

【PhoneAuto News】On June 7th, according to PhoneAuto, the Russian automobile market analysis agency “Autostat” released the latest data, and Haval Jolion became the best-selling non-domestic model in the Russian automobile market in May, with a total of 3864 vehicles sold throughout the month.

Haval Jolion made in China

It is reported that in May 2023, the Russian automobile market sold a total of 72,171 light vehicles, which is 2.6 times that of the same period last year. In terms of sales volume, Haval is a leader among Chinese automobile brands. Haval Jolion has achieved local production in Russia and is therefore included in the Russian national automobile preferential loan and lease plan, allowing consumers to purchase the car at a discounted price. It is not difficult to see that local production is an important driving factor for the hot sales of Haval Jolion.

In fact, Haval has always performed well in the Russian automobile market, setting an example for Chinese automobile brands going overseas. According to a report previously released by the European Business Association, in April, the Haval brand’s single-month sales in Russia reached 3,001 units, which was the first time the brand’s single-month sales in the Russian market exceeded 3,000 units, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 600%. It is worth mentioning that the popular model of Haval in the Russian market is not the Haval H6, which is known as the “god car” in China, but another compact SUV, the Haval F7. This single model alone sold 2,601 vehicles in Russia in April, making it an absolute sales leader.

Like Jolion, the main reason why Haval F7 has become a popular model in the Russian market is because of its overseas production. The production line for the Haval F7 model was the first to be established at the Great Wall Motor factory in Tula, Russia, making it the main product for the Russian market. With the local production of Haval Jolion, the F7 now has a “strong opponent” within the company.

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