Hengchi Automobile’s Tianjin factory has resumed full production, and Liu Yongzhuo stated that the delivery of Hengchi 5 will be accelerated

Hengchi Automobile's Tianjin factory resumed full production and will speed up Hengchi 5 delivery

【PhoneAuto News】On April 25th, PhoneAuto reported that due to insufficient funds, Evergrande Auto, a subsidiary of Evergrande, had suspended production of its Hengchi 5 at its Tianjin factory. Previously, Evergrande officials had revealed that the group faced production stoppage risks if it could not obtain additional liquidity. If Evergrande New Energy Auto can seek more than RMB 29 billion in financing in the future, it plans to launch multiple flagship models and achieve mass production. Under this plan, the cumulative unleveraged cash flow from 2023 to 2026 is expected to reach between RMB -7 billion to -5 billion. If the funds are not in place, there will be production stoppage risks.

However, on May 30th, more than a month after the official announcement of the suspension of production at the Tianjin factory, PhoneAuto noticed that Hengchi Auto has announced that it has resumed production, which is basically consistent with the previously expected resumption time.

It is reported that Hengchi Auto stated: Hengchi Auto’s Tianjin factory resumed full production on May 23rd. Shanzefeng, deputy secretary of the Binhai New Area District Committee and district mayor, and his team visited the stamping, body, final assembly and other workshops. Thousands of workers worked nervously and orderly, the production line was running at high speed, and the industrial robots were seamlessly docked. Hengchi 5 cars were accurately transported through the automatic mechanical transportation system. Liu Yongzhuo, president of Hengchi Auto, said that the company will do its utmost to accelerate the production and delivery of Hengchi 5, and continue to promote the research and development and production of subsequent models, making the company bigger and stronger and making due contributions to the economic development of Binhai New Area and even Tianjin.

According to previous official announcements, before the Tianjin factory stopped production, Hengchi Auto had already delivered more than 900 Hengchi cars to consumers. This shows that in order to grow and strengthen, Hengchi Auto still faces significant challenges.

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