Lost its grandeur? New Toyota Alphard/Vellfire real car exposure or to be launched in June

New Toyota Alphard/Vellfire car to be launched in June, grandeur intact

【PhoneAuto News】Toyota Alphard/Vellfire has always been the flagship model of Japanese luxury MPVs in the domestic market in recent years. Previously, it even required a markup of up to 100,000 yuan to get a car. The reason why it is so popular in China is mainly due to its domineering appearance and comfortable riding experience. However, recently, foreign media exposed the real car pictures of the new Toyota Alphard/Vellfire. Due to the modification of the front face of the new model, the vehicle’s momentum is not as good as before.

Toyota Alphard

From the real shots of the new car taken by the media, it can be seen that the new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire still use a large amount of chrome decoration to highlight the sense of luxury. The new Alphard has a long pulse-style headlight shape, with horizontally pulsating chrome decoration strips in the middle, and high-gloss chrome decoration on both sides of the front bumper. The new Vellfire has 6 horizontal chrome decoration strips added to the grille, and the chrome decoration strips on both sides adopt fang-like design, which extends all the way to the bottom of the car, making it look a bit too forceful.

New Toyota Alphard

The rear of the two cars has also undergone significant changes. The Alphard has replaced the chrome trim with a black trim, which has better integration with the rear window and looks more sporty. The lines similar to muscle sensation on the previous generation are retained below the taillights. Compared with the new Alphard, the tail of the Vellfire has not changed much, but it also adds chrome decoration strips below the taillights, echoing the front face to enhance the sense of luxury.

New Toyota Alphard

As for the power system, it is reported that the new generation Toyota Alphard/ Vellfire will continue to provide a 2.5L gasoline engine and a hybrid system composed of a 2.5L gasoline engine and an electric motor. The fuel version is equipped with the latest 2.5L inline 4-cylinder naturally aspirated direct injection engine D-4S, with a maximum power of 205 horsepower and a peak torque of 250 N·m. The hybrid model is equipped with Toyota THSⅡ system, which consists of a 2.5L engine and an electric motor, with a maximum comprehensive power of 211 horsepower. In terms of transmission, it is matched with E-CVT continuously variable transmission. Both models are available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.

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