Up to 1600 yuan off! Xiaomi recommends six productivity tools, which you can check out after the college entrance exam

Xiaomi recommends 6 productivity tools for post-college entrance exam with up to 1600 yuan off

【PhoneAuto News】On June 7th, PhoneAuto noticed that Xiaomi officially recommended six “productivity tools” that will be greatly discounted during the 2023 618 promotion period, possibly in preparation for high school students graduating and entering college. Xiaomi officials stated that these are efficient assistants worth considering, and interested netizens can learn more about them.

The six products recommended by Xiaomi this time are Rdmi Book 14, Rdmi Book Pro 14 2022 Ryzen Edition, Xiaomi Display 27-inch 4K version, Redmi Projector Pro, Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, and Xiaomi Router AX9000. They involve categories such as laptops, desktops, projectors, and bluetooth headsets. Their original prices were 4599 yuan, 5299 yuan, 3499 yuan, 1599 yuan, 1199 yuan, and 1299 yuan, respectively. However, during the 2023 618 promotion period, the prices of these six products have been reduced to 3699 yuan, 3699 yuan, 2199 yuan, 1199 yuan, 899 yuan, and 999 yuan, respectively, with the highest discount reaching 1600 yuan and the lowest discount being 200 yuan.

According to the latest report on Xiaomi’s 618 activity released earlier, the total payment amount across all channels exceeded 7.1 billion yuan during the opening period of this year’s 618 promotion! It also won honors such as the first in cumulative sales/revenue of Android smartphone brands on JD.com, first in cumulative sales/revenue of Cat Android smartphone brands, first in sales/revenue of TikTok mobile store, etc. Among Xiaomi’s products, Xiaomi Home’s revenue increased by 55% YoY, smartphone sales increased by 27% YoY, and sales revenue of smart life products increased by 38% YoY.

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