Li Nan expects that the Apple Vision Pro third generation will be able to threaten all non-shared screens indoors

Li Nan expects the Apple Vision Pro 3rd gen to threaten all non-shared indoor screens

【PhoneAuto News】On June 7th, PhoneAuto noticed that Li Nan, former senior vice president of Meizu Technology, stated in a post that, according to his prediction, conservatively estimated, if the relevant technology progresses smoothly and undergoes three generations of product optimization, Apple’s Vision Pro will threaten all non-sharing screens (which may include smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) in indoor scenarios. Currently, besides hardware technology and cost, game matching is the biggest shortcoming of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Over a decade ago, Apple’s iPhone changed the entire mobile phone industry. Now, the Vision Pro, recently released by Apple at WWDC 2023, has also attracted widespread attention. Many netizens have their own opinions on whether this product can bring about the next technological revolution. However, currently, the selling price of Apple’s Vision Pro is $3,499 (about 25,000 yuan), which makes it out of reach for most ordinary consumers.

According to Apple’s official introduction at WWDC 2023, Vision Pro is a new AR platform and a revolutionary product. Its body is equipped with multiple cameras, digital crowns, headbands, and speakers, and users can directly control the device with their eyes, hands, and voices. At the same time, Vision Pro is also Apple’s first 3D camera, capable of shooting and reviewing 3D videos.

According to analysts from TrendForce, considering factors such as the time and region of the release, product price, and the lack of necessary application functions, it is estimated that the shipment volume of Apple’s Vision Pro in 2024 will be only about 200,000 units.

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