Apple has released developer tools tailored for Apple Vision Pro

Apple released developer tools for Apple Vision Pro

【PhoneAuto News】At this year’s Apple WWDC, Apple Vision Pro attracted global consumers’ attention with its advanced design concepts and powerful interactive gameplay. Users can unleash their imagination through Apple Vision Pro, bringing the future into reality. On June 21, Apple introduced a new set of software tools and technologies for Apple Vision Pro, aiming to help developers create even better spatial experiences for it.

Apple Vision Pro runs the world’s first spatial operating system, visionOS, which allows users to interact with digital content in physical spaces through the most natural and intuitive input methods: eyes, hands, and voice. Starting today, global Apple developers will be able to use Apple Vision Pro’s infinite space to create a new category of spatial computing apps, seamlessly integrating digital content with the physical world, and presenting extraordinary new experiences. With visionOS SDK, developers can leverage Apple Vision Pro’s powerful and unique features to create new app experiences covering efficiency, design, games, and more.

It is understood that Apple will open developer labs in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo next month, providing developers with practical experience, testing their apps on Apple Vision Pro hardware, and receiving support from Apple engineers. Taking the Apple Vision Pro version of the djay app as an example, it can put a fully functional DJ system at users’ fingertips. With the redesigned spatial interaction interface, anyone can mix music and apply real-time effects with just their hands and eyes, bringing unprecedented ways of experiencing and interacting with music, whether for beginners or experienced professionals.

Developers who want to learn more about designing new app experiences for Apple Vision Pro or apply for the developer kit to be released next month can visit the developer website for more information.

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