Li Bin from NIO is currently testing the NIO Phone The evaluation so far is that its performance is decent

Li Bin from NIO is testing the NIO Phone and its performance is decent

【PhoneAuto News】It is not uncommon for mobile phone manufacturers to participate in car manufacturing, but it is indeed unique for an automobile manufacturer like NIO to start making phones. On June 21, when NIO founder, chairman, and CEO Li Bin commented on the new energy vehicle purchase tax exemption policy, he also revealed the latest progress of NIO Phone to netizens. Li Bin stated that he is currently testing and using it, and its performance is acceptable. It can be seen that Li Bin’s evaluation of NIO Phone is relatively restrained, and he did not excessively praise it, but rather gave a light evaluation of “acceptable.” To some extent, NIO Phone is still evolving.

In the past period of time, we could see from Li Bin’s Weibo tail that he has been alternating between using NIO Phone and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It can be understood that Li Bin has been using his iPhone experience to demand more from his own NIO Phone. After all, iPhone is known for its ecosystem and user experience in the industry, which is undoubtedly good news for car owners. If NIO Phone can not only be favored by NIO car owners after its launch but also arouse the interest of more ordinary users, then this is undoubtedly a huge success for NIO.

In the netizens’ evaluations, they have also given their expectations for NIO Phone, such as “it is best not to have a curved screen, fewer ads, a more refreshing interface, longer battery life, and more memory”; “As long as it is not a curved screen, I support it.” There are also some mischievous netizens who asked, “Can NIO Phone change batteries?” What are your expectations for NIO Phone?

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