F1 Spanish Grand Prix Verstappen wins, Zhou Guanyu finishes ninth, scoring points again

Verstappen wins F1 Spanish Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu finishes 9th and scores points again

【PhoneAuto News】 On the evening of June 4th Beijing time, the official race of the 2023 F1 Spanish Grand Prix was held at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona. Max Verstappen, who won pole position in the qualifying round, performed steadily and won his fifth championship this year for the Red Bull Racing Team. Meanwhile, Hamilton and Russell from the Mercedes team performed well this round after upgrading their vehicles, and won second and third place respectively. Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu also performed outstandingly, finishing in ninth place and equaling his best score this season. After earning two points in the Australian Grand Prix, he has now earned another two points.

Verstappen wins first place

Verstappen started from pole position, with Sainz taking the front row of the grid, and Zhou Guanyu from the Alfa Romeo team starting in 13th place. After the first lap, Verstappen took the lead, with Sainz in second place and Zhou Guanyu in ninth place in the points area. After the 33rd lap, the Spanish Grand Prix was more than half completed, with Verstappen still leading strongly, ahead of Hamilton in second place by as much as 13 seconds, and Zhou Guanyu maintaining his position in the points area in tenth place.

Zhou Guanyu equals his best score this season

On the 56th lap, Zhou Guanyu attempted to overtake Yuki Tsunoda in front of him, but Tsunoda aggressively defended his position and forced Zhou Guanyu off the track. Later, in the 62nd lap, Tsunoda was penalized for illegally blocking Zhou Guanyu and received a five-second penalty. In the final moments of the race, Zhou Guanyu successfully defended his tenth position against Gasly’s attacks from behind. Thanks to Tsunoda’s penalty, Zhou Guanyu ultimately finished in ninth place. It is worth mentioning that the pit stop performance of Alfa Romeo was still “very stable” during the race, with both pit stops taking 3.7 seconds. If they can reduce the time to less than 2.5 seconds, Zhou Guanyu’s final finishing result may be even better.

Race Results

Verstappen ultimately won the championship and secured his fifth race win of the season. Hamilton and Russell followed closely behind, with Perez, Sainz, Stroll, Alonso, and Ocon claiming fourth through eighth place respectively. Zhou Guanyu finished in ninth place and Gasly claimed tenth place.

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